22 April 2007


My SP from SP10 sent the bestest package ever! It very welomed yesterday on my way to the bead store. It had some nice lorna's laces (daphadil was the color i think.). a very kewl bath fiz, some much needed body cream. and some DPN's to replace the ones cassidy the wonder pup ate. Oh yeah and the new book from the Yarn Harlot.

Thank you soo much SP!

12 April 2007

RIP Monkey Sock

Ok so the photo posts should be coming in the next day. I have the pics on the camera just need to get them on the computer.

In other news Jack is working 3-11's this week. So Cassidy, our chessie, is insisting to stay up and wait for him, rather then come to bed with me. So what do i wake up this morning.... My almost finished (1.5 inches remaining) second monkey sock all over the family room. Bamboo needles chewed beyond belief and the yarn broken. I did manage to get the needle bits out. And frog it to the point where none of the stitches had run. Now i am in debate whether I should pick up the stitches or frog the whole thing.....

06 April 2007

I know i have 2 or 3 more photo posts to do. but family has invaded! i promise to try and be more on top of things soon.

02 April 2007

Pictures for Erin

1. My favortie place to knit. I know Jack is in this pic, but it was taken down at the river where he likes to fish. He fishes and i knit.. it is one of my favorite things in the world.

2. Baby pic of me and Maggie. This was taken January 2006 so she was about 4 mo. old. :)

3. Some hand-knotted pearls on silk. I love love love these! And they went fast.

Photos for Jen :)

Sorry it took so long for me to get these together. I was having some camera issues.

1. Apicture of my toothbrush... one of many! I have been to the dentist so much lately that I have started a collection. This one is my fave though... white and sliver! And it doesn't hurt my teeth.

2. My favorite toy. This is my tivo remote. I will never miss another episode of Degrassi ever!

3. This is one of my favorite pair of shoes... not sure where the dog took the other one! LOL I will be looking for that later today i am sure. They are a pair of union bay's that i got a kohls a few weeks ago.