29 November 2006

OK, I had to take a picture...

Here is my spindle with some stuff done. The grey on teh bottom is what i did yesterday with Kathy at B&N. The Cream color was me all by myself, and boy can I tell. I also liked the fiber of Kathy's that i was working with better then what i have.

WIP Wen.

Is it that time again????? To be honest, my WIP's are becoming FO's as fast as i start them. Ok so i am working on dishcloths for my family for christmas. But it is a nice feeling of acomplishment when they are done.

This morning I did buy Erin's pattern for the Sweet Mary Janes.
Which you can purchas here...http://store.piddleloop.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=51 I would have just made the pic clickable, but i didn't know how. These are going to be for my Pseudo sister and jacks girls i think. If they show up.

That is my knitting forcast right now.

Yesterday i did meet with my drop spindle guru! and I was amazed. She is awesome. And so helpful. I acuatly made a very small bit of yarn! Happy dance!

26 November 2006

Needles flying??

God I wish I could say my needles were flying, but i just seem to be knitting slower for some reason. I did finish my wingin' it pair of socks. And they are uber comfy, i love them! I finished them up on wed night, so i referred to them as my "thanksgiving socks" all day Thursday.

Thanksgiving itself went wonderful. We didn't have a big thing at all, and I like it that way. I did get angry, that neither of Jacks older daughters even called. But I am letting that slide. I am guessing at Christmas the older one will just show up with her whole brood with out any warning. So I am preparing for a crowd. I am also going to knit up a couple of extra face clothes, with my homemade soap. Just in case she shows up with friends, then I will have presents for them too. Just hoping they are girls, bc not sure how a 20 something boy would like a face cloth with soap. Oh well.

The one little tweak in thanksgiving will make my readers giggle or at least i hope it will. As i was doing up the prep dishes, i could not find a freakin' dishcloth to save my soul. We rarely do dishes by hand so we don't have that many. Well once i tracked one down, it sucked beyond belief. So what did i do? I promptly stopped doing dishes, sat down casted on a dishcloth, and announced that I was not going to finish the dishes until I was done with the new dishcloth. Jack just gave me the blankest stare I have ever seen. I don't think he thought I was serious. Well I was...... And now he is even in love with hand knit dishcloths.

22 November 2006

WIP Wen.

OK, so this post is about a work, that is still in progress. But the progress is wonderful and amazing.

On Friday November 17th, Jack and I were married!!!!!! You read that right, I am now someones wife. And that alone is amazing to me. Jack and I have been together for over 2 years now, and it was time to take that next step.

It is so weird, even though we have been living together for well over a year now, there is something different. I guess we still get a honeymoon phase. All the colors are brighter and the smells are sweeter.

We did not have a big wedding or anything. Just us, Laura, Andy, and the Magistrate. We went to the Laporte County Court House and had everything done with in an hour. By the way the courthouse in laporte is absolutly beautiful!!!!

Sorry if this entry is kind of scatter brained, but i am still all giggly and bubbly! And I hope to stay that way as long as possible.

09 November 2006

Rockin' My socks off!

Ok, I need to put myself into bed here since 5.30 will be here all too soon. But I just wanted to let everyone know that my "winging it" socks fit perfectly. Apparently the circumfrence of my big ol' calf is 72 stitches!!!!

*does the happy sock fitting dance*

08 November 2006

Yes it is true...

As I said earlier... the Mittens are finished. I now need to dedicate myself to christmas. But the procratinator in me, will not let that happen. Oh well. I will post pics tomarow of my new hand clothes! Now if i could only knit in them, i wouldn't take them off.

WIP Wen.

OK 3 things going on. And only 3 :)

Still chugging away at linz's scarf. I am probably about half way though it to be honest. But i haven't picked it up much lately.

My socks that I just started the other day, with my winging it pattern. They are going great and I probably could finish one of them tonight, if i knit. I LOVE the self striping yarn that i am using.

Mittens for me! Will be done before i go to sleep tonight. They are almost done now. I had to frog about 4 rows out bc well it wasn't looking good, my increases were messed up.

That is it for right now.

Question of the day. Why when you rip something out is it called frogging?

05 November 2006


Ok i think it is impossible for me to go more then 3 days with out some pair of socks started. Now mind you about 45% of these started socks get frogged for some reason or another. But tonight I decided I am going to make a pair of socks, just plain non-fancy, that fit me! So I guess i am just winging it as far as the pattern. As of right now i casted on 72. And am working on a wide whale rib, k3, p1. I am not sure how long i will make the cuff since well i am winging it! Pictures will follow i am sure. I am already in love with the yarn though.

02 November 2006


Today was kind of insane and really just got away from me. It started this morning when maggie woke up at 7.30. I walked into her room, the room that was spotless when I went to bed. And had to cry. Why you ask. Bc the dog cassidy apparently had decided to pull all of the trash out of the can downstairs and take it up to maggies room. she even somehow got into the diaper pail, with a snap on lid. It was just too early and i didn't sleep well, and I couldn't handle it. I just started to cry. No way around it Sobbing. Jack heard me over the moniter upstairs, he came up to see what was wrong. Thankfully he cleaned up the mess while I took care of the baby.

Cassidy was then banned to our bedroom, with the sleeping Jack for the majority of the rest of the day.

When I get angry or frustrated i clean.... So right now my kitchen, bathroom, and family room are pretty spotless. Which is nice. It was not nice though that as i was cleaning i was getting more and more agravated. Jacks stepdad apparently is incapable of picking up after him self. Today in the kitchen alone, i wiped up his drippled, turned into glue icecream from last night. His mcdonalds cup that couldn't make it to the trash. And the trash from the icecream toppings. GRRRR!

By the time Jack got up, i needed a nap. so we were ships passing once again. He watched the baby for an hour so i could rest. I got up made dinner and he had to get ready for work.

Happy second aniversary to us huh? Yup 2 years ago today, Jack and I had our first date. We also canceled out each others presidental votes that day. He voted for bush (but i forgave him), and i for kerry.

on a good note, i did get one mitten done today. One down one to go!

01 November 2006

WIP Wen.

Wow, is anyone other then me totaly amazed and overwhelmed that it is November already? Yeah I need to get christmas presents done... So this will be the normaly WIP update, and some mental planning.

Irish Hiking Scarf - I am loving this so far. Hell it is the first time I have done cables with out tieing everything up in knots. I can see how the tedium may kill me, but right now I LOVE it!

Log Cabin afgahn - It is going. The knit every row thing is kind of boring. But it gives me something to do while watching CSI, and L&O. What did i do before I realized how productive multitasking is????

Mittens - The KAL at Fiber Freaks this month is themed around hands this month. So I went ahead and casted on the mittens I had been planning to make myself. While watching CSI tonight I got to the point where i need to seperate for the thumb. Not to far, but far enough to let myself go to bed. After I am done with this ofcourse.

only 3 projects going and no socks on it!!!!! how weird. not weird enough to make me start a pair of socks though.


Dad- Felted clog's, I still need to decide on the color for this. And get the yarn ordered. I am very happy that these knit up in nothing flat though.

Mom- Stitch markers and row counter, I may do those for her birthday on the 9th of December. She did tell me today if I was going to do that, she would like them out of the really expensive beads that she likes at the bead store. For the second present I am thinking of doing a felted purse. If i can ever find that pattern on the net again..... I forgot to book mark it and now it is my needle in a haystack.

(side note Deneen if you are reading how much of the silver plated wire would you want? So i can get an accurate price)

Gwen- No friggin' clue!

Jack- I am thinking I will make him up a hat, and a pair of felted clogs.

Tibult, Zoe, Holden - Hat and Mitten sets.

Laura - Lucy bag (thank god it knits up fast for me).

Andy - No friggin' clue!

Ok now i must sleep.