30 September 2007

Back to the bead store today for me. Yesterday was pretty slow at the bead store... But funny thing that is when i do the majority of my knitting. Yesterday i was acuatly bitten by the get off of your butt and do some beading. I finished 2 ornaments and am half way through another. They will be posted on etsy as soon as i borrow a camera or get mine back. Here is a pic i took of one the other night while it was in progress.

As i said it is one that is in progress. I was about half way done with this one. they are fun to make, just take time. I need to get more glass ornaments. Hobby lobby didn't have the kind i needed the other day :(.

But i am off to the shower, talk to you kids later today. And since I am unable to do so today, go play outside for me!

29 September 2007

Rockin' out like it is 1993 part duex!

Yup, I have another pair of shoes...... check them out! I love them, have i mentioned I have a huge huge love of shoes?

Those are the cute cute brown Mary Janes, with the 3 strap. I haven't had new docks in easily 8 years. It just feels so nice to have new docs.

Sorry the pics are all crazy and weird. i ams ending the camera in on monday. monday is shipping day.... i am going to send off my stitch markers for my swap and the camera and a bunch of stuff... :D

Today I am back at the bead store. Sherrill's aunt passed away so i have been covering there for her when ever possible and needed. I have my knitting packed. working on a sleeve for the emerald sweater and working on a sock. With 2 new pair of mary janes, i need cute socks!!!!!!! Maybe these will inspire me to get my "very tall socks" from knitty done. but we all know it won't really! That is a good pipe dream, and yes i can finish it.. but when i started i went with the recomended yarn bc it was cheap, and i was new to knitting. but now i can't really imagine wearing all that acrylic. i would sweat to death.

I will leave you with a pic of maggie in all of her glory thismorning. this is what she wore to go to the parade with her dad.

notice she has mary janes on too just not like mommy's yet.

27 September 2007

Rock like it is 1993!

Ok so i didn't send the camera in yet.. bc i wanted to take one last blind picture. The problem with the camera is more then the back screen though.. i tried to take some of maggie and they are blury and color is off. but anyway!

May I know present my new Made in England Doc Marten, Steel Toe, T-strap Mary Janes!!!!! Yes I know you are all jealous! they are soooooooo comfy and pretty! And I love them.

Yup those are my no day but today socks in them. :D I need to get on some mroe sock making now.. but i am sooo addicted to this damn emerald sweater

I have decided i am going to frog the bottom ribbing and do it in a contrasting color. Then I am also going to do the wider collar, in the same color. I am thinking either a green (i know you are all shocked), or a navy blue.

I am on the joiner thing again. Not only am i directing the BGK KAL, which is still undecided if i will knit. I have joined the Anne of Green Gables Read and Knit a Long. The knitting part is knit something anne related. I have decided i think i may do a nice chunky warm triangular shawl, like I have always picture marilla in. Or there is this great blue cardigan that is shown in the movie. But then there are always socks! lol!

And I have my next sweater planned, it will be Mr. Greenjeans. Some people were talking about starting a KAL on ravelry, and a blogger for the non-ravers.... after tossing it back and forth I went ahead and set them up. Need to still make buttons though. If any of you readers are interested check us out. Http://mrgreenjeanskal.blogspot.com. Now i must go knit or walk around in my shoes or something.. but i can't stay infront of the computer much longer. Oh wait, i am off to the bead store for this afternoon....

24 September 2007

TA DA I'M 2!

Yes our little Magger's is officaly 2. And I can hardly belive it myself. today we spend our day at the park, and the beach and taking naps. i really enjoyed the naps part.

I had planned on starting a new project today, but when i woke up this morning the camera will turn on but i have no screen display so that project will ahve to hold till i can get this repaired... wow i am tired bc that is one hell of a run on sentence. Good night all!

23 September 2007


It is officaly, I have done the update. So go check it out *click here*, let me know what you think! During the month of October, and well the few days till then, I will not be charging shipping on earrings. Also if you are a blog reader let me know if you place and order, you guys always get a special gift!

edited... so the clicky would work.. click words not the picture... you know where it says click here. thx jen!

22 September 2007

bulky weight rawks!

Ok so this sweater is almost knitting its self. and my guage is pretty much on... i say pretty much bc i have ripped and gone down a size and it was way off... and going up a size isn't going to help... so pretty much on.ball band says 3 sts to an inch i am getting 3.5ish. I am now 8 inches in yay! But somehow when i placed the markers the first row i knit... i knit a marker in to my work. I left it there so i can take pictures... bc well who knits a marker in to their work?

In other knitting news, Maggie has become quite the designer. She has now started making pattern edits on my shawl.....

20 September 2007

I love the ho's!

Jen, Lesa and I got together tonight for a little knitting and a lot of laughing. So just some things i have learned....
*do not take a million hour trip into the dessert with your family. Espicaly if it consists of 2 3.5 hour boat rides, and hiking. You will be a whole bus (i think that is what jen said) full of cranky people once you reach civilization again.
*people will bring anything that comes out of them into their ob/gyn's office (not any of us.)
*scribing for an istep, can make both of your arms hurt. Making it very uncomfy to knit. (poor lesa)
*lesa is momma short bus, and she leads and all the other short busses follow her. (ok not really sure how this came into conversation, but Jen has declared it so.)

In other news, this is big... i mean REALLY BIG.....I GOT TO GET THE BIG BAG AT SHEEPS!!!! Normally i get the small bag since i am buying sock yarn, or yarn for hats or mittens. But i bought 10 skeins of lambs pride bulky for the Emerald sweater from knitty. And they packed it all up in the BIG BAG for me! Ok it isn't the biggest bag they have. But it is 2 sizes larger then the ones i am used to getting!!! I also broke down and bought my first pair of addi turbo's. Shhhhhhh... don't tell Jack!

So I know you are all dieing to see it... so here it is! The BIG BAG!

I know you want to look in the bag too!

And this is what I got done this evening about 15 rows of the 2 by 2 ribbing for the bottom of my Emerald Cardi, it is going super fast and is wonderful!

hopelessly addicted

Ok, so as i have mentioned in prior posts, my love of the teenage mellow drama runs deep. Really deep. Ok well we now have a new one. Gossip Girl, it is going to be on Wednesday Nights on the CW (formerly the WB). I tivo'd it last night. And as maggie napped this morning i knitted to it. Ok super crazy addictive crap. I love that they try and pass these kids off as real teenagers. Yes I know that I grew up in small town indiana, but come on they are living a life that i couldn't even imagine living as an adult let alone a teenager. Drinking martini's at the plaza, and no one is asking questions? Stealing dad's viagra??? Kids stowed away in a mental hospital that looks like the hotel I stayed at down in indy... yup i am hooked!

And it makes for good knitting too, you can just listen. Watching the show is not really that important.

I still haven't gotten around to doing that etsy update. I swear I will do it soon.

17 September 2007

i knit more then socks!

That is my soon to be wild flower shawl. It is going awesome so far. I am a little worried about when it is time to knit the boarder. But that is what friends are for right? It is being knit out of the Hardly colorway in lace weight from 100 pure wool. It is sooooo soft you wouldn't even believe it.

Here is a pic of it balled up, yum yum. I will take a pic of it in the skein later this week. Once then new and improved camera charger gets here.

I will be doing an etsy update in the next couple of days. So keep your ears open. for that.

I have a quick rant though... For those of you that don't know me, I am hopelessly addicted to teen mellow dramas. Degrassi being number one on that list. But I do also enjoy the best years, and south of nowhere. Now i must stop and yell at "The N" network, also known as noggin. 4-6 weeks does not a season make. So stop calling them seasons.... They are merely teases. Hell sometimes I haven't even gotten around to watching them on my tivo, when i see a commercial telling me that the season finally is coming up. I do give you points for cliffhangers, that make me want to see next season.... but give me more then a taste of the show! GRRRRRR.

ok i am done now. /silly rant.

14 September 2007

The new knitty......

*does a little happy dance bc the new knitty is up* I have been dancing around the house chanting "the new knitty is up the new knitty is up" To anyone that will listen. Of course, Maggie will dance with me. But beyond that no one in the house really cares. Jack and my father in law, just kind of keep looking at me with odd glances. But I am excited, I can not help it. And to top it off I had Jack take my bust measurement last night, and it has gone down. That is cause for another new little happy dance!

So there are 3 sweaters that i just adore in the new knitty. I have to admit, my favortie thing is that all of the sweaters are written to a size that fits me. And in some of them, I am not the largest size! This rarely happens to me. I am a big girl with the big rack to go with it all. I am just uber uber happy. And i know i am babbling but at the same time i am barely awake, it isn't 8 am yet.... and i have only had one cup of coffee. So lets review my favorites.

Mr. Green Jeans- I admit the first thing that drew me to this was the name. I enjoyed mr. green jeans from capt. kangaroo. He was probably my favorite character. It is a very pretty 1 button Cardi, with cables on the bottom. It is done in Miss Priss, and to be honest i am not sure if i can afford to make this sweater for a while. Well I can, but if i am going to be doing the Big Girl Knits KAL, I can't. Miss Priss is a worsted weight yarn, so maybe i can sub something a little more in my price range. But this is top on my wish list now. :)

Roam- Another cardi, this time with a hood and zipper. For those of you that don't know me very well.. I love a good hoodie! Hell I am wearing one currently. I just like the looks of this one, with the darts on the front and the back, it looks very comfy. It is knit out of handmadien great big sea. I am sure it is used bc it drapes very nicely. My mom has some of this in her stash though, and i am just not sure i like the way it feels.... So this may be another yarn substitution issue. In this size, i don't have to knit the largest size either... woooo and hooo! I am a little nervous about putting a zipper in.. but it can't be that hard right?

Boxed- This one is definantly yarn substitution.... bc well i don't spin my own yarn....yet.... And to be honest not sure if i will ever make this one... bc well i don't like my tummy enough to show it off like this one does. But who knows. it looks soft and warm and cozy. And I have a ton of pattons classic wool just laying around. So who knows maybe this one will be knit first.

But those are my 3 fave patterns.. all sweaters that fit me! I did not dig too much on the socks this time... but i think i may be getting a little burned out on socks.. but don't tell anyone.

13 September 2007

Camera is back and it turns on.. now i just have to test it with taking pictures. We shall see. this is my crazy weekend though.. mom is flying in to do the art fair out at school house shop.. and i will be at the bead store so sherrill can be out there doing it too. maybe i will get some of my own jewelry done. We shall see.

08 September 2007

My Knitting Badges

This came to my attention from one of my knitting lists, i think it was the indiana knits one, but it could have been knitting parents. Over on Cast on! which is a great podcast i forget to listen to on a regular basis, they have started knitting scout badges. Since i was a scout till I could not be a scout any more, I figured I might as well post them here in my side bar. I will add more as I acquire them. You can click on the badges (in the side bar) and be taken to the site where you can read the descriptions and get them for your self. :)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The “Proselytize Knitting” Badge- how do i try and present a positive light on knitting?? Mostly by knitting in public, and talking to people about it when they h ave questions. I have had some great conversations not only with other knitters who were to "shy" to bust their work out for everyone to see. But I honestly think i have turned some newbies onto it. When I am at "working" at the bead store I would say i spend 75% percent of my time knitting.... I probably should be beading but oh well. :)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The “MacGyver” Badge (Level One) - This one also most often happens at the bead store, it is where I will grab anything to use as a stitch marker, so i don't acautlly have to sit down and make one. Hair ties, twist ties, and rubber bands have been a fave as of late. i have also been know to run a life line using softflex (jewelry cable).
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The “Knitting Whilst Under the Influence” Badge - I love to knit while drinking. Heck I love a good cocktail. I have learned though.... I should not knit fish, the inveeesible shawl, or pretty much anything that requires counting. Straight stockinet in the round for me. :) Of course I should stick with the straight stockinet at S&B's too. Talking can throw me off.

Ok guys run off and get your own!

07 September 2007

quick little update....

*camera has been shipped off, received and apparently needs a new power board. I will get another email from them when they ship it back to me. :)
*Maggie and I both have a killer summer cold from H E Double Hockey sticks!!!! and it isn't fun. I was thinking of going to stones trace on sunday... We will see how i feel then.
*Indy zoo and the children's museum was lots of fun. the pictures did not turn out that well so i won't bore you.
*yes i am knitting got some oatmeal socks going and a pattern i am totally designing myself. I need to see how they turn out before i really tell you guys about them.
*Made the reservations for Jack and my anniversary get away up at Sherwood B&B. It isn't till the weekend before thanksgiving(we had to book early bc it is a big weekend up there)... it is the same place that we went for our wedding weekend. :)

Now it is your turn... tell me something good and fun in your life :)

04 September 2007

warenty replacemet land...

I live in the land of warrenty issues.... So dead battery camera is dead camera... :(. We got a charger and i charged it... and yup still won't turn on. bought a new battery... still no go... tried the 2 gig card in the old camera.... it is fried too. So during the next few days I have to get all the stuff together to send it back for repair. This includes getting brian (the guy who gave it to us as a gift), to find his reciept so i can copy it and send it in for repair. This weekend down in indy i had to take pics with the old camera... and lemme say the new one officaly spoiled me :( . I will pull the pics off the camera later today and see how they look.... Wish me luck.