27 June 2007

we have been invaded!

When i checked the mail today there was a package for the magg'ers from her g'ma and g'pa as they put it. We now have more rubber ducks then i could ever know what to do with.

here is a group shot.. yes the one up front is a Rotwieler puppy duckie! He would have to be my fave.

maggies fave is a sailor. well that and the one that looks like a dalmatian puppy duckie but i think she took it to bed. i can't find it to take a pic.

We are currently as of today remodeling the bathroom. Here is a pic of jack ripping down wall paper.

and now to prove i do knit... here is my invis. shawl, i love it!!!! ignore the artistic license i have taken with the pattern.. LOL.

25 June 2007

lets see what the laptop has for us today?!?!

this my dear friends is the invisibility shawl from charmed knits! I am having the best time working this up. I c/o last week and it is honestly going pretty fast. There are some "design elements" that have been added. due mostly to the fact that counting can sometimes be impossible with maggie around. even if it is just to 4. LOL.

In the back ground is my other addiction Second Life. got to love video games that will steal your time away from knitting right?

23 June 2007

See I do to knit!

Ok so got one beret done..... this one is going to be for laura since her head is smaller then mine and well it doesn't fit me. the funny thing is that between me casting it on on thur and finishing it today (and i didn't knit yesterday). I have lost or creativly hid from myself my size 6 rounds... the ones that i use for like an inch at the bottom. i wonder if i left it at the bead store.... but i thought i remember putting it in the bag. sigh the search will continue.

once again my laptop is our lovely model!

22 June 2007

I swear i do knit!

Ok so i do knit i promise you... right now i am working on some HP knits. but really right now what i am dealing with is one hell of a mess! one of my center pull balls is really taking on a mind of its own. The sad thing is it was wound by the owner of the LYS. As lesa said last night she owes me free yarn. I think she owes lesa free yarn she is the one doing the majority of the un knotting.

and one more pic just purely to show howmuch fun my camera is. or at least how much fun Jen was having with my new camera. how about a panaramic of the B&N Cafe.

11 June 2007

Good Yarn Karma

Ok if you haven't heard me go on about this blog before here it is! Good Yarn Karma, is an amazing and wonderful blog that allows you to destash for karma. Have something that you have had stashed forever and don't know why. Don't feel like putting a price on it. then you can give it away for Karma. Today in the mail, all though it had been there for a couple of days. I recieved the book. A Treasury of Rowan Knits, this is a book i had owned beofre but was lsot the the great dog is not happy mis hap of 2006. It was a rather expensive book that i had planed on replacing just hadn't gotten around to it yet. And well the world has brought it back to me. Thank you very much GYK! Now i need to go through my stash and see what i have to pay it forward.

01 June 2007

A World of Thanks....

I owe a million thank you's to Jen, Lesa and Erin (and Jess) for last night! I needed to go out and just be goofy and laugh. And that was achived. Thank you guys soooo much. I guess i also owe a thank you to the guy with the mustache tattoo. But well i don' tknow his name... LOL!

I promise i will try and post some knitterly stuff soon.