22 November 2007

Happy thanksgiving kiddo's!!!!! I need to throw my butt in the shower so we can get headed down to lafayette. Damn time zones!!!!!

20 November 2007


sign number 736,938,8879 That i am pregnant.... i sit here with a peanut butter and marshmellow fluff samach for brekkie.

16 November 2007

yup still alive again... i promise to knit soon...

Still alive very little knitting going on.... and lots of trips back and fort from the hospital... my hormones are crazier then they should be so i am having a lot of blood taken to check them almost daily. and spending lots of time just laying there having my vitals checked. I am lucky enough to be able to use the laptop at the hospital. To be honest i don't know what wireless network i pick up but it is one one that will let me get most places. Oddly i can get to yahoo, and ravelry, and here.... but it blocks my main email. oh well such is life. I have today off of tests, unless i start to feel odd. my question to the doc, is i am pregnant when do i not feel odd??? I think i am going to maybe do a little yarn dying with pas easter egg colors.... and i need to go and get jack an anniversary card, we will have been married 1 year tomorrow. I have convinced him to dinner at leona's over in rogers park. i know that isn't fancy, but i want a cheese stick.

01 November 2007

i am here i am alive... lots of things making me crazy. Bro in law sti.ll living with us. death of close family friend. covering at the bead store. FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT! ok that last one not making me crazy...... but still. I want to start knitting but don't know where or what to start with or if i should even start before i am outside of the scary part. lol. Today is my last day of filling in at the bead store. I need to make some sweater chains up and get them photographed.... oh jen....... i am still arguing with kodak about the camera. sigh! My secret pal has sent the bestest stuffs for me!!!!!!! Some hello kitty candies and yummy yummy smooshy yarn..... thank you so much pal. I need to look at the piddleloop stuffs and send something to my own pal.

ok now i must shower and get my self clean....

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