30 December 2006

My Knitting Resolutions.....

1. Knit more for myself.
2. Knit a sweater for myself. I am acuatly waiting on my Zimmerman book to get here for that.
3. Learn to do color work.
4. Learn how to read those little graph things that intimdate the heck out of me.
5. Knit a couple of baby blankets. (come on i had to have something that was reachable.)

29 December 2006

2 things....

If i ever knit another Irish Hiking Scarf it will be too soon. I will post FO pic later this weekend. Hopefully with Linz wearing it.

Also I thought this was cute.

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are interchangeable.Fun, free, and into everything, you've got every eventuality covered and every opportunity just has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and every day is a new beginning. You are good at so many things, it's amazing, but you can easily lose your place and forget to show up. They have row counters for people like you!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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26 December 2006

A little more indepth, since it seems I have a little bit of time...

Ok, so I have logged into work, and either they are slow. Or the system is broken. I have had one call in the last 15 minutes, and well I like it that way! Anyway I guess, I spoke too soon just had a call.. LOL... but anyway!

Christmas for all the stress and the crazies I had going along with it, was wonderful. My parents were able to fly in on Christmas eve, thank god! Jack was just as bad as any little kid with christmas. Maggie made the smalles noise around 6.30, one that i would have normaly rolled over and went back to sleep for. But nope Jack had decided that the baby was up and christmas needed to start. He was jumping around like a 9 year old, wanting to give everyone their presents. It was very refreshing to see him have that much energy and excitment. He has been having a bout of depression since being laid off so early this year.

Maggie loved her persents, espically the toy box that Santa brought. She honestly tried to crawl in it first thing. It is a little too tall for her to do that though. She was also happy to open the present under the tree that had been making noise and flashing at her for the past 2 days. I had to rip it out of her hands twice on Christmas eve, causing many tears.

After doing presents with Jack and Dennis, we headed over to my mom and dads house. And did the present thing all over again :). This is where santa left all the good stuff.... LOL. My parents honestly got maggie a ride on zebra thing.

Since santa is too busy to wrap presents for our house he had just placed it in her pack and play there. I have never seen her try to climb into the pack and play before. It was good fun had by all.

Well work has picked up so I will post more later.
Ok I survived christmas..... and I would like to say that my Niece and Nephew have the biggest freakin heads ever, and their mother has the smallest head. I don't know how that works. I am going to re-work both Zoe, and Holdens hats. I didn't have the heart to take holdens away though, he was wearing it even though it was too small. LOL! OK, I need to log in to my work from home job now. I will do a more indepth post later.

Hope everyone else had a very happy holiday.

23 December 2006

Knitter's night before christmas...


'Twas the night before Christmas and all around me
Was unfinished knitting not under the tree.

The stockings weren't hung by the chimney with care
'cause the heels and the toes had not a stitch there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
but I had not finished the caps for their heads.

Dad was asleep; he was no help at all,
And the sweater for him was six inches too small.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I put down my needles to see what was the matter.

Away to the window, I flew like a flash,
Tripped over my yarn and fell down with a crash.

The tangle of yarn that lay deep as the snow
Reminded me how much I still had to go.

Out on my lawn, I heard such a noise,
I thought it would wake both dad and the boys.

And though I was tired,my brain was a bit thick,
I knew in a moment,it must be Saint Nick.

But what I heard then left me perplexed-ed,
For not a name I heard was what I had expected

"move,Ashford; move,Lopi; move,Addie and Clover
Move,Reynolds; move,Starmore; move, Fraylic--move

"Paton, don't circle round; stand in line.
Come now, you sheep wool work just fine!

I know this is hard semi, it's just your first year,
I'd hate to go back to eight tiny reindeer."

I peered over the sill; what I saw was amazing,
Eight woolly sheep on my lawn all a'grazing.

And then,in a twinkle, I heard at the door
Santa's feet coming across the porch floor.

I rose from my knees and got back on my feet,
And as I turned round, Saint Nick, I did meet.

He was dressed all in wool from his head to his toe
And his clothes were handknit from above to below.

A bright Fairisle sweater he wore on his back,
and his toys were all stuffed in an Aran knit sack.

His cap was a wonder of bobbles and lace,
A beautiful frame for his rosy red face.

The scarf round his neck could have stretched for a
And the socks peeking over his boots were Argyle.

The back of his mittens bore an intricate cable,
And suddenly on one I spied a small label.

SC was duplicate stitched on the cuff,
and I asked "Hey Nick, did you knit all this stuff?"

He proudly replied "Ho-ho-ho, yes I did,
I learned how to knit when I was a kid."

He was chubby and plump, a quite well-dressed old man,

And I laughed to myself for I'd thought up a plan,.

I flashed him a grin and jumped up in the air,
And the next thing he knew he was tied to a chair.

He spoke not a word, but looked in his lap
Where I'd laid my needles and yarn for a cap.

He quickly began knitting, first one cap then two;
For the first time I thought I'd really get through.

He put heels on the stockings and toes in some socks
While I sat back drinking Scotch on the rocks!!

So quickly like magic, his needles they flew,
That he was all finished by quarter to two.

He sprang for his sleigh when I let him go free,
And over his shoulder he looked back at me.

And I heard him exclaim as he sailed past the moon
"Next year start your knitting sometime around June!

Author Unknown

22 December 2006

I K. Koker....

I K. Koker promise to lose the Christmas Crazy's effictive now! I will no longer worry or fret that anyones present will not be perfect. I will not loose countless sleeping hours to knitting. If it is done now, then it is done. If it is not done by chirstmas??? then well I guess I will just have to become orthodox! But I am not going to let this season drive me crazy any further. And by doing so.... I will stop driving my family crazy. Sounds nice doesn't it???? So here is the christmas run down....

Mom - Main present done... working on a pair of socks.... but she will understand.

Dad- Need to felt his slippers.

Gwen - Yarn is wound into pretty skeins for her and maggie to dye, and then give to me to make her socks.

Maggie - Done

Zoe - Done

Holden - Done

Tibult - Giving him the yarn to give me back once he has figured out if he wants a long hat, or short. And if he wants his thumbs to be able to play game boy or not. Convertiable thumbs how cool is that.

Larua - Done

Andy - picking up coffee mug tomarrow.

Dennis - Done

Jack - Finishing tomarrow but at least i know what i am looking for now.

And on that note, Jack and i went out to dinner tonight and i am a little tipsy. so i am sending my ass to bed.

21 December 2006

bad poster i know i know.....

ok haven't been much on the posting or emailing as of late..... but i have been knitting my butt off (literaly i wish!). I will post some FO pics soon. But in the good news catagory.... My swift got here! and my ball winder! and my cone of yarn! i am soooo set.

And the bestest news of all!!!! My baby sister got here... not much of a baby any more... but oh well. Grabed a pic of her and maggie last night :)

15 December 2006


The package from knit picks arrived yesterday.... So i will be on my couch knitting until futher notice.

13 December 2006

Waiting on the mail...

So I just realized how much stuff I am currently waiting on being delivered.....
*The comcast Cable modem. Should be here anyday now, coming from UPS
*The New to me large Swift from Deenen! Thank you for the great deal sweetie!
*Yarn from Knit Picks.
*Center Pull ball winder from Jo-Ann Fabrics, I got it for under 30 bucks so I was excited.
*Sock Yarn from Stick Chick. That should be here anyday now... she is always good about shipping it.

I know all of these things have been shipped, just waiting on all of them.

Good news today.... well fun news. When I checked my mail today i did get my annual Haunakah Gift from my friend Jon. Mind you neither of us are Jewish. But it was nice to recieve it. I had such a crappy day with work stuff... that i acuatly opened it already. I think I will re-wrap it for christmas though. Normaly I wait.

***** Edit: Knit Picks now changed my delivery date to tomarrow.... *****

WIP Wen....

Sorry for missing last week. but i have recently hit a lack of motivation kind of..... My log cabin afghan still in process... Linz's scarf very close to being done. but may be put on hold so i can cast on a hat for Andy. Still waiting on my box of yarn though... And i casted on my "christmas socks" this morning while I was working.

That is about it!

12 December 2006

Ah the need to vent.....

Ok, so I moderate a local freecycle list (freecycle.org).... And things had been going pretty well until probably the last week or so. And then we had a rash of crossposting to our list and another local list. So I follow my little rules and post the reminder about crossposting, and buckle down on it if you will. And the rules aren't unreasonable... Post your want or offer to your home list, what ever one you choose, first. And if it is not met, then wait 24 hours and post it to another list.

So last night, I deny someone's post bc of this rule. Send the standard letter as to why it was denied. And I get this email this morning. Pretty much telling me I was out of line, bc it isn't a "want" it was a "need" for someone in their church. She was looking for some clothing. So I just email her back and explain that she can post again in 24 hours.

So while I am workign today, she sends another post thru to both groups. So I deny her again. Send her another letter. And I get another one from her. Telling me that i obviously don't read the post, bc this request wasn't for her it was for a neighbor.... I once again send her a letter explaining that she can post it in 24 hours from the original post.... and sign it "blessed be," which i use from time to time. And have for years..... Well this somehow offends this woman and i get another not nice email from her......

Am I truely being the bad guy here. I am just reinforcing the normal rules...
Merry Christmas to all huh?

Thank you for reading, if you made it this far I owe you a cookie!

Knit Picks Yarn....

Just a little update the box left wisconsin this morning. According to tracking. I hope I will have it tomarrow. If not by thur. I think I am going to be sitting at Lesa's Thur night knitting mittens. Next year will someone remind me that Christmas kicks my ass every year. And not to put it off???

11 December 2006

Can no one tell that i am dying????

OK, so someone please explain why my yarn from knit picks went from Ohio toooo WISCONSIN????? I bet you anything it drove right past me at some point just to taunt me a little. in my head i am worried to death that it is being sent to the wrong place. So I call and well they tell me not to worry. Me not worry... i would be ill!

Oh well maybe it will be here tomarrow.

10 December 2006

New links...

So I went through this morning, and added some of my favorite places to shop links. All yarn of course. Over time, I may add other things, but right now YARN YARN YARN and more yarn.

My favorite has to be Stick Chick Designs! Jennifer is awesome and amazing. Very easy and wonderful to work with. So please check her out!

And now I must return to my regularly scheduled insane weekend day!

08 December 2006

Busy Busy life.....

This holiday season is trying to kick my very large butt. Jack has not been officaly laid off as of yet, but he has not worked in over a week. I just love when this happens at christmas. On top of him having the crapiest year of work ever, the lay off comes nice and early. He did file for his unemployment benifites yesterday. But they switched their weeks around. So instead of a 2 week check we are only going to get a 1 week check before christmas. As if that is not stressful enough. I have not been able to work solidly at my work from home job, bc we are having problems with noise on our phone line, which causes my dsl connection to drop off and me to drop calls. And well work does not appreciate when my computer randomly hangs up on customers. So right now we are gettting buy on a little bit of savings and the extra money i get from teaching classes at the beadstore. Which i would not be doing if i didn't have too. Between trying to work from home and the bead store (just lost my internet connection right now at 8.15 am.) I feel like i am constantly on the run. Which makes for a very grumpy kaytm.

We also have decided not to do personal gifts for christmas this year. We are all getting each other things to face lift the kitchen. Jack is currently painting the cabniets and ceiling since well he has time. And I think i am going to be able to either purchase some counter tops or flooring for christmas. Mom got us pots and pans for our wedding present. so things will look new in there soon enough. I should get in there and take a before picture. In other christmas news I am waiting on my knit picks yarn to get here, so well i can knit some presents up. My questinos is why does it take 5+ days for a box to get here from OHIO?!?!?! I could drive to where it was shipped from and home at least 4 or 5 times before it will get here! :( Acording to mapquest it is 266.42 miles that is a 4 hour drive... not bad. i hate dealing with shipping things. *sigh*

OK I need to start my day, I have to unknot a skein and teach classes so i will talk to everyone later.

05 December 2006

this is what i find.

I was lucky not to find what Sock Porn did http://sockpr0n.blogspot.com/ . But I did walk into this sunday afternoon.

29 November 2006

OK, I had to take a picture...

Here is my spindle with some stuff done. The grey on teh bottom is what i did yesterday with Kathy at B&N. The Cream color was me all by myself, and boy can I tell. I also liked the fiber of Kathy's that i was working with better then what i have.

WIP Wen.

Is it that time again????? To be honest, my WIP's are becoming FO's as fast as i start them. Ok so i am working on dishcloths for my family for christmas. But it is a nice feeling of acomplishment when they are done.

This morning I did buy Erin's pattern for the Sweet Mary Janes.
Which you can purchas here...http://store.piddleloop.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=51 I would have just made the pic clickable, but i didn't know how. These are going to be for my Pseudo sister and jacks girls i think. If they show up.

That is my knitting forcast right now.

Yesterday i did meet with my drop spindle guru! and I was amazed. She is awesome. And so helpful. I acuatly made a very small bit of yarn! Happy dance!

26 November 2006

Needles flying??

God I wish I could say my needles were flying, but i just seem to be knitting slower for some reason. I did finish my wingin' it pair of socks. And they are uber comfy, i love them! I finished them up on wed night, so i referred to them as my "thanksgiving socks" all day Thursday.

Thanksgiving itself went wonderful. We didn't have a big thing at all, and I like it that way. I did get angry, that neither of Jacks older daughters even called. But I am letting that slide. I am guessing at Christmas the older one will just show up with her whole brood with out any warning. So I am preparing for a crowd. I am also going to knit up a couple of extra face clothes, with my homemade soap. Just in case she shows up with friends, then I will have presents for them too. Just hoping they are girls, bc not sure how a 20 something boy would like a face cloth with soap. Oh well.

The one little tweak in thanksgiving will make my readers giggle or at least i hope it will. As i was doing up the prep dishes, i could not find a freakin' dishcloth to save my soul. We rarely do dishes by hand so we don't have that many. Well once i tracked one down, it sucked beyond belief. So what did i do? I promptly stopped doing dishes, sat down casted on a dishcloth, and announced that I was not going to finish the dishes until I was done with the new dishcloth. Jack just gave me the blankest stare I have ever seen. I don't think he thought I was serious. Well I was...... And now he is even in love with hand knit dishcloths.

22 November 2006

WIP Wen.

OK, so this post is about a work, that is still in progress. But the progress is wonderful and amazing.

On Friday November 17th, Jack and I were married!!!!!! You read that right, I am now someones wife. And that alone is amazing to me. Jack and I have been together for over 2 years now, and it was time to take that next step.

It is so weird, even though we have been living together for well over a year now, there is something different. I guess we still get a honeymoon phase. All the colors are brighter and the smells are sweeter.

We did not have a big wedding or anything. Just us, Laura, Andy, and the Magistrate. We went to the Laporte County Court House and had everything done with in an hour. By the way the courthouse in laporte is absolutly beautiful!!!!

Sorry if this entry is kind of scatter brained, but i am still all giggly and bubbly! And I hope to stay that way as long as possible.

09 November 2006

Rockin' My socks off!

Ok, I need to put myself into bed here since 5.30 will be here all too soon. But I just wanted to let everyone know that my "winging it" socks fit perfectly. Apparently the circumfrence of my big ol' calf is 72 stitches!!!!

*does the happy sock fitting dance*

08 November 2006

Yes it is true...

As I said earlier... the Mittens are finished. I now need to dedicate myself to christmas. But the procratinator in me, will not let that happen. Oh well. I will post pics tomarow of my new hand clothes! Now if i could only knit in them, i wouldn't take them off.

WIP Wen.

OK 3 things going on. And only 3 :)

Still chugging away at linz's scarf. I am probably about half way though it to be honest. But i haven't picked it up much lately.

My socks that I just started the other day, with my winging it pattern. They are going great and I probably could finish one of them tonight, if i knit. I LOVE the self striping yarn that i am using.

Mittens for me! Will be done before i go to sleep tonight. They are almost done now. I had to frog about 4 rows out bc well it wasn't looking good, my increases were messed up.

That is it for right now.

Question of the day. Why when you rip something out is it called frogging?

05 November 2006


Ok i think it is impossible for me to go more then 3 days with out some pair of socks started. Now mind you about 45% of these started socks get frogged for some reason or another. But tonight I decided I am going to make a pair of socks, just plain non-fancy, that fit me! So I guess i am just winging it as far as the pattern. As of right now i casted on 72. And am working on a wide whale rib, k3, p1. I am not sure how long i will make the cuff since well i am winging it! Pictures will follow i am sure. I am already in love with the yarn though.

02 November 2006


Today was kind of insane and really just got away from me. It started this morning when maggie woke up at 7.30. I walked into her room, the room that was spotless when I went to bed. And had to cry. Why you ask. Bc the dog cassidy apparently had decided to pull all of the trash out of the can downstairs and take it up to maggies room. she even somehow got into the diaper pail, with a snap on lid. It was just too early and i didn't sleep well, and I couldn't handle it. I just started to cry. No way around it Sobbing. Jack heard me over the moniter upstairs, he came up to see what was wrong. Thankfully he cleaned up the mess while I took care of the baby.

Cassidy was then banned to our bedroom, with the sleeping Jack for the majority of the rest of the day.

When I get angry or frustrated i clean.... So right now my kitchen, bathroom, and family room are pretty spotless. Which is nice. It was not nice though that as i was cleaning i was getting more and more agravated. Jacks stepdad apparently is incapable of picking up after him self. Today in the kitchen alone, i wiped up his drippled, turned into glue icecream from last night. His mcdonalds cup that couldn't make it to the trash. And the trash from the icecream toppings. GRRRR!

By the time Jack got up, i needed a nap. so we were ships passing once again. He watched the baby for an hour so i could rest. I got up made dinner and he had to get ready for work.

Happy second aniversary to us huh? Yup 2 years ago today, Jack and I had our first date. We also canceled out each others presidental votes that day. He voted for bush (but i forgave him), and i for kerry.

on a good note, i did get one mitten done today. One down one to go!

01 November 2006

WIP Wen.

Wow, is anyone other then me totaly amazed and overwhelmed that it is November already? Yeah I need to get christmas presents done... So this will be the normaly WIP update, and some mental planning.

Irish Hiking Scarf - I am loving this so far. Hell it is the first time I have done cables with out tieing everything up in knots. I can see how the tedium may kill me, but right now I LOVE it!

Log Cabin afgahn - It is going. The knit every row thing is kind of boring. But it gives me something to do while watching CSI, and L&O. What did i do before I realized how productive multitasking is????

Mittens - The KAL at Fiber Freaks this month is themed around hands this month. So I went ahead and casted on the mittens I had been planning to make myself. While watching CSI tonight I got to the point where i need to seperate for the thumb. Not to far, but far enough to let myself go to bed. After I am done with this ofcourse.

only 3 projects going and no socks on it!!!!! how weird. not weird enough to make me start a pair of socks though.


Dad- Felted clog's, I still need to decide on the color for this. And get the yarn ordered. I am very happy that these knit up in nothing flat though.

Mom- Stitch markers and row counter, I may do those for her birthday on the 9th of December. She did tell me today if I was going to do that, she would like them out of the really expensive beads that she likes at the bead store. For the second present I am thinking of doing a felted purse. If i can ever find that pattern on the net again..... I forgot to book mark it and now it is my needle in a haystack.

(side note Deneen if you are reading how much of the silver plated wire would you want? So i can get an accurate price)

Gwen- No friggin' clue!

Jack- I am thinking I will make him up a hat, and a pair of felted clogs.

Tibult, Zoe, Holden - Hat and Mitten sets.

Laura - Lucy bag (thank god it knits up fast for me).

Andy - No friggin' clue!

Ok now i must sleep.

31 October 2006

Book Meme

Stolen from Lesa. Thank you sweetie!

1. One book that changed your life: Hmmmm I know this is going to sound dumb. And like a follower. But... Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintence. It really caused me to look at things from a different light.

2. One book that you've read more than once: You only want one?? Anne of Green Gables.

3. One book you'd want on a desert island: Hmmmm Can I get the whole series of Anne of **** books by lucy maude montgumery bound in one book?

4. One book that made you laugh: Animal Farm. It was a weird time in my life when i read that.... so i don't know if it was the book or me.

5. One book that made you cry: To Kill a Mockingbird

6. One book you wish had been written: Anne of Green Gables. I would love to have been alive when those books were written.

7. One book you wish had never been written: Jurassic Park.... God I hate that book, and I hate the movie even more.

8. One book you're currently reading: Black Dahlia

9. One book you've been meaning to read: Juliet by DeSade

10. Six people to tag: Hell I don't know how many of you people really read... so um... since lesa already did this, can't do that... hmmmm Deneen you can do it! And Erin, yeah Erin. hrm..... I don't know if you are reading this do it!

28 October 2006

Not much time to write a full entry out. Jack and I are going out with our grown up friends tonight. To be.... GROWN-UPS!!!!!!! I am excited can you tell? But today we went over to my aunts house, so Jack could empty her attic to have insulation installed. while there she gave me a copy of a pic from the fancy dancy party earlier this month. So now I must share!!!!

Ok first we have Jack (isn't he cute???), then me, then Aaron (gwens date), and then my sister Gwen.... She is sooo pretty.

27 October 2006


Ok so I have my etsy shop up and going again. Still will be making some major changes to it though. Check it out. Walnut Ridge Studio. As always if you have any questions drop me a line.

26 October 2006

A meme stolen from Erin

If you are wondering who erin is... Check out the link to My Best friends a dork.... that is erin. :)

1. FIRST NAME? Kathleen, go by Kayt

2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? I was named for my Great Grandfathers, grandmother. Katie Casey.

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Day before yesterday.


5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCHMEAT? Salami, yummm!!!! Now I want a sandwhich.


7. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? I have many, both online and written.

8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? No, had them taken out when i was 16.

9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? No, i don't think so.


11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? Sometimes, most of the time no though.

12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Not really, but I am getting stronger every day.


14. SHOE SIZE? 9.5

15. RED OR PINK? red


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My Grandma Craven. *sigh*

18. WHAT COLOR PANTS, SHIRT AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Black Jammie pants, blue hooded zip up sweatshirt, and my bright green felted clogs. I am so in fashion right now!

19. LAST THING YOU ATE? Goldfish crackers.



22. FAVORITE SMELL? Cucumber



25. FAVORITE DRINK? Diet Cherry Pepsi, or for a drinky drink Vodka Tonic with lime.

26. FAVORITE SPORT? Swimming

27. EYE COLOR? Green

28. HAT SIZE? No clue

29. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? On ocassion

30. FAVORITE FOOD? Probably lasagna.

31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Happy endings :). Got to have a happy ending.

32. SUMMER OR WINTER? Winter, so i can curl up infront of the fire and read.

33. HUGS OR KISSES? hugs

34. FAVORITE DESSERT? Creme Bruelee (sp?)

25 October 2006

WIP Wen.

Ok so I have put down the french market ba until further notice. My finger tips are just getting raw working with that philisophers wool. I love the way it looks when it is done, but it is ripping my fingers apart right now. *sigh*. I have a tone of that stuff too. I can't pass up a good deal.

So right now, honestly just 2 active WIP's.....

I am making myself another pair of golf socks. With the Kool-aid dyed marino. I just keep stopping to rub it on my face it is sooo soft.

And today I started one of the afghans from the mason dixon book. Moderne Log Cabin blanket. Pattern here...http://images.amazon.com/media/i3d/01/log_cabin.pdf . It is going to be slow to knit, bc well it is an afghan. All done in garter stitch. It is great for sitting infront of CSI, and not thinking. Which I am good at doing.

Oh well, off to bed with me. My eyes acuatly feel heavy......

23 October 2006

Making this note here.....

Clogs... well it seems they are a hit. A friend of mine from my mom's group wants me to make 3 pairs for her. I am trying o cost the whole thing out. I may order bulk worsted weight and dye my own. So I am putting the notes on that in here, so the dog or maggie doesn't eat my one written down on paper.

Name Size Color Yardage

Tabitha 8 Orange 600
Godmother 9.5 Orange 650
Stepdaughter 12 Pink 750

Jack 8 Blue & Orange 650
Dad 8 Blue 650

Total Yardage 3300

Yards per pound 1120

Pounds 3

This may change. More or less. Good thing these knit up fast!!!!

21 October 2006

felted clogs....

I started taking this class what seems to be eon's ago! And I am finally done. I acuatly missed the last class, bc munchin was sick. So it took me a few extra weeks. But I am done and they are beautiful! I want them to be dry now, so I can wear them.

This is a picture of them before I felted. You can see the bright green, but you can't really tell that the other color is a really deep purple. I promise you it is!

And this is after. I tried them both on and they fit well. One may be a little big now that I think about it. But I can always re-felt it right?!?!

I am almost tempted to kick the heat up in here so they will dry.

If my life was normal would I know it?

So thursday I came home from my pseudo job, to find out that Jacks dad type person Dennis was in ICUat our local hospital. A few weeks ago he had open heart surgery, and some how since he had come home from the hospital his heart beat had become irregular. VERY Irregular! He had a Dr. appt on thur, and they automaticaly checked him into the hospital. Knocked him out, and used the paddles to shock his heart back into the right rythem. He spent about 24 hours or so at the hospital and sent him back home.

So things are going ok with that now, I think. We are just having arguements about the heat being on or off. I vote for off, put more clothes on. He votes for set it at 80 and wear t-shirts. drives me crazy. we can't afford it either. So this is going to be a constant battle it looks like.

In other news I have one of my clogs ready to felt, and should have the other one done today. I can't wait to see them done. I am going to go and knit now I think.

18 October 2006

A trip to the LYS....

As mentioned in a previous post. When maggie and I went to sheeps last time, I had a not so nice home coming. Cassidy, had gotten in the family room and eaten my copy of Big Girl Knits. Well the other day, I went to grab a WIP... And Cassidy had also chewed the needles it was on. Well since I was meeting the girl that is going to teach me how to finish that project tomarrow... I had to go and get new needles. So I have this brilliant idea, why don't I just take the dog with us. I am not going to be in the store long. She can wait in the car. It will be great.

I should know that any of my brite idea's, truely end up being dim ones. So I put Cassidy's harness on, get her out to the car. Hook the seatbelt through the harness. Get maggie in and we are off. We did pretty well until we got into valpo. Cassidy decided to be protector dog, and wanted to sit in the back seat. I figure if i let her sit in the back seat, maybe she will stop barking her head off. At a stop light I unhook her belt and let her crawl back there. All is well till i smell the most horrible thing I have in a long time. Now remember I change diapers on a regular basis. I put the windows down to air the car out a little. I figured Cass had just farted, since she does that all the time. As we are getting very close to sheep's, i heard this gagging noise almost. Yup, Cassidy is puking in the back seat. I am horrified, maggie is giggling, and the dog just keeps vomiting. So I think we are really close to sheeps, I will clean it up when we get there.

So I pull into the parking lot. Grab the stroller out of the trunk, and get maggie in there. By the time I get back over to the other side of the car to clean up the dog vomit, she has eaten it all clean!!!!!!! yuck yuck yuck! I head into the store, throughly disgusted and get what we need.

On the way home, cassidy is kind of whining in the backseat. Then I smell it again. Before I can get off on the side of the road, it happens all over again. This time all over the floor in the back seat.and hitting maggies sippy cup when she had thrown on the floor. Now I have to shampoo the floors in the back, and burn the sippy cup. Ok I probably won't burn it, but I did think of setting the whole car on fire momentarialy.

Meanwhile we are back home. maggie is napping, cassidy is acting very sullen, and i am dreading the car.

Hope everyone else is having a better day then i am.

16 October 2006

100 things....

I did this as a challenge tonight, while Jack watched the football game. It was tougher then I thought it would be.

100 Things

1. The first thing I thought when I saw Jack was “wow is he short.”
2. The second thing I thought was… “what is that tingling feeling in my stomach?”
3. The most amazing day in my life was the day Maggie was born, and the 24 hours prior.
4. I taught my self to knit, around Maggie while she was nursing.
5. The first thing I ever gave to someone that I knit, was a baby blanket for my friend Katy’s daughter.
6. Every morning when Jack gets out of bed, I roll over and sleep on his side. Just so I can smell him.
7. I have been told I have a nice voice, if I ever wanted to be a phone sex operator.
8. My favorite city I have lived in so far is South Bend, Indiana.
9. I think of my sister as my best friend.
10. I am slowly turning into my mother with my fiber addictions.
11. I have always wanted to live in Ireland.
12. I have trouble falling asleep with out noise. A TV or El train going by works fine though.
13. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut.
14. I have ADD and I revel in it!
15. I am diagnosed Bi-polar II, but have been able to manage it unmedicated for over a year now.
16. I sometimes sit on the step outside of maggie’s room, and just listen to her sleep.
17. I have not worked, at a job, in over 2 years.
18. I love wearing hand knit socks.
19. I start all of my projects a minum of 2 times.
20. I could take a nap every day, if someone would let me.
21. I hate putting laundry away.
22. My hands and nose are almost always cold.
23. I think moist sounds like it should be a dirty word.
24. My drink of choice is a vodka tonic.
25. My froo-froo drink of choice is a Chocolate Martini.
26. I love rainy days.
27. I can take a shower faster then anyone I know.
28. I want to move, very badly.
29. When I was pregnant the only thing I ever wanted to drink was Kool-Aid.
30. I have one pet, a dog named Cassidy.
31. Cassidy is the most expensive thing I have bought in a very long time.
32. My favorite lunch is Welsh Rarebit, and a grilled cheese made in my Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker.
33. I would trade my left arm to be organized.
34. I cry when I watch Extreme Home Makeover.
35. I have been in love twice.
36. Being a Stay At Home Mom, and house wife is the hardest job I have ever had.
37. I hate tall bar style tables, and don’t think they should ever be in my house. Ofcourse there is one here, but I am working at getting it out.
38. I saved close to $3,000 thanks to freecycle.
39. Jack and I want to have another child.
40. I am only 30 and have 2 Step-daughters, and 3 step-grandchildren.
41. I will never ever move to florida.
42. My favorite song from the 80’s is “I’m Turning Japanese”
43. One of my favorite vacations ever was to Chapel Hill, NC.
44. I have no desire to ever go to Disney World again, but will probably take the kidlet.
45. I would love to build a non-for profit organization to teach parents how to deal with recently diagnosed ADD cases. How to manage the ADD with little to no medication.
46. I hate drinking out of glasses, I almost always insist on a cup or water bottle.
47. I get freaked out when driving in city traffic.
48. My favorite sport to go and watch is hockey.
49. I have never owned a new car.
50. I can’t stand Notre Dame.
51. I change the wallpaper on the computer at least twice a week.
52. I used to live on my cell phone, now I rarely know where it is.
53. I can not stand when people are late.
54. I hate that this country is forcing me to become bi-lingual.
55. I used to smoke, and sometimes miss it.
56. I have lost 2 friends to Aids.
57. My favorite thing to knit so far is socks.
58. I am never far from my digital camera.
59. I love swap-bot.com .
60. I have multiple blogs.
61. I try to plan what we have for dinner a couple of nights prior.
62. I never seem to have any time to myself.
63. I interview well.
64. I want a queen size bed.
65. I miss having cats.
66. I love to read!
67. My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables, I have read it a million times it seems.
68. I used to be a telnet addict.
69. Telnet bores me now.
70. When I was younger, I was convinced that I was going to marry Greg Luganis. We all see how well that has worked out for me, lol!
71. I love listening to records with my dad.
72. I wish my parents hadn’t moved.
73. I had subway for dinner.
74. I am very sleepy right now.
75. My friends seem to have all moved away.
76. I have a Hello Kitty fetish. Not sexual!
77. I love reading Dr. Seuss.
78. I really don’t like to watch football.
79. I get strep at least 3 times a year.
80. I am currently reading The Black Dahlia.
81. I am always up for a good sale.
83. I let Jack celebrate our anniversary on Election day.
84. I am a good snuggler.
85. I insist on sleeping with a feather comforter, even when we go camping.
86. I am not good at camping.
87. I design and sell jewelry in my spare time.
88. I have very little spare time.
89. I have 2 tattoo’s one one my back, and one on my ankle.
90. I have vanilla scented candles all over our house.
91. I can be mean, if pushed to it.
92. My favorite thing, I have knit myself is my felted purse.
93. I keep my email accounts very organized.
94. I never check my gmail account any more.
95. I need a vacation.
96. I could not live with out Sirius Radio.
97. I give money to NPR.
98. I don’t understand men who are turned on by lactation.
99. When I am upset my eyes get greener.
100. I have one coffee cup that I drink out of every day.

I guess this is a good answer.

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15 October 2006

Hello Kool-Aid my old friend....

Kool-aid is not just for drinking any more..... Here is the fun I had today...

I have had 2 skeins of superwash sock wool to dye for ages. So today while Jack was at work, and Maggie sleeping I decided to try my hand at Kool-aid. I had a blast! They may be the ugliest socks ever when I am done but I will love them!

I took pics all the way through, so here we go.

Here the yarn is soaking, after I pre-washed it.

The original 4 colors... Strawberry/Watermelon, Black Cherry, Grape, Lemon Lime. I later added Orange. I was using more then I had planned on.

Everything laid out and ready to go.

And we are off the the races. I was putting it on pretty thick in the begining. I also left a little white here and there, just because I like that.

All done, as you can see orange is mixed in there pretty well. Off to the microwave with it.

After we were done nuking, you can see the water in the corner of the dish is clear. All the Kool-aid was absorbed.

Hanging to dry. Not sure when I will get around to casting this pair of socks on. I have many projects infront of it.

x-posted to my other journal. So you don't have to go and read there also if you don't want too.

Today just feels weird...

Since Jack was rained/weathered out of work most of this week, he is making up for it by working the weekend. And to be honest that has kind of thrown off my whole being. Sunday mornings are normaly filled with snuggling and giggling. Till Maggie gets up, then it is family day. Today I am home alone with Maggie, who has a cold. Ok so we both probably have a cold but I don't want to admit to mine. We are honestly just being lazy, not much has gotten done. Not that there is much to do. Maggie has napped for almost 2 hours now, I hear her starting to stir though.

I did work more on the Hat/Mitten/Scarf set. The Hat is done, one mitten is about half of the way through. And I ordered yarn for the scarf. Well I ordered that yesterday when we went to Sheeps. It is all going pretty well so far. And the Mitten hasn't pissed me off or anything yet. So all is good in the land of knit.

Did we think I wouldn't post a pic?

14 October 2006

Too Frustrated to Think!!!!

Ok, I know I wanted a dog. I know the dog is mine. And I know I insited on a puppy..... Now that I have gotten that out of the way.... I am going to scream at the damn dog. She will not stop chewing on things. And she searches out things to do so to. It isn't like she sees a toy on the floor or a shoe. NO! She will pull books down off of low shelves and chew on those. This morning she chewed up an family heirloom book, It was from when my Grandmother had her first son, and had suggestions on how to raise them. To be honest it was just a very funny book to read now.... But I am so angry at the dog it is unbelievable. I acutaly shut her out of the family room.

In other news, I am heading to my LYS today. I need to pick up a couple more skeins of cascade black and green. not sure if that is what they call the color but it is what i call it. I want to work on more socks, but I really need to get this hat, mitten, scarf set out of the way first. I am not starting any more projects until those are done. I casted on the hat yesterday, and it is going very well. That makes me happy.

Figured I would post a pic of the socks that don't fit. Makes me very sad, since they match a pair of mine. oh well. We will just have to hav another little girl. LOL!

*edited* you can add my big girl knits book to the list of the eaten. Maggie and i went to the LYS, and I come home to find my book in pieces. I think it may be saved, will have to have mom re-bind it for me.

12 October 2006

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas????

Ok, so as I sit here at my desk checking my messages. I looked out the window, it is SNOWING!?!?!?!? It is what like October 12th??? And there is snow. Will someone please inform who ever is in control of this, that it is tooo early??? I mean come on we haven't even gone trick or treating yet. Hell I haven't even figured out what the heck Maggie is going to be. Or what I am going to do with the dog. Cassidy, the dog, goes nuts when ever anyone comes to the door now. I can't even imagine what Halloween will be like. Maybe I can get the vet to give her some doggie downers... j/k, I would never drug my dog.

In other news I officially finished the second sock that will not fit Maggie. And I started a dish cloth for my swap. I got about half way through the dish cloth before I ripped it all out. Some how I got off on the pattern and It was all working at an angel rather then straight rows. So I will start that one again, sometime here soon.

I need to pick up some cd's today for my cd swap. It is a Rainbow CD. All the songs have colors in the title. I Love it!!!!!

11 October 2006

knitting and fiber....

Ok I think I have finally blown up into a full out addict! I just got my first loom, well I don't have it yet. I pick it up tomorrow afternoon. A lady posted it to a local freecycle. I called mom, and she said no matter what it is pick it up. From what I have been able to piece together from the lady with the very thick middle European accent it is a Leclerc foldable floor loom. I am not sure if it is 8 shaft or 4 shaft. It is only a couple of years old. And has only been used a handful of times. And she has the accessories that comes with it. I think she may even have a warping board. Hey, I am a lucky girl, even if it is the lesser of the 2 looms it still saves me around a thousand dollars. Yippy. Jack isn't quite as excited as I am, but he will be as soon as he gets his first chenille scarf. :)

On the knitting end I have mostly been working on socks. I just finished a pair for Maggie, that well are too small. I just measured her foot 2 days ago too! Oh well I offered them up on a board that I love. If no one there wants them, I will save them as a baby gift.

Here is a pic of my most recent finished pair of socks. I love the strippy colors in them!!!

I really must start working on things that aren't socks! Mittens or hats next, I promise.

06 October 2006

My brain was clicking, now my life is spinning....

Ok updates from this week.....
Dennis, Jacks dad type person, had quad bypass surgery on monday.

Tuesday I break my toe, and lock the baby and myself out of the house. Resulting in my fat butt having to climb through a window. And Sherrill being upset with me, bc I could not make it into work due to the keys thing. Tuesday, I also broke my small toe on my right foot. I have never broken a toe before and let me tell you this is insane painful. I am suppose to be wearing heels to a black tie dinner on Saturday we will see how well this all goes. Tuesday we also take the baby for her first trip to the zoo. That was a big hit!

Wed, I worked. And I casted on the bottom for my French Market bag! It is going slower then I planned but I am knitting a mass amount of increases right now. Jack cleaned the house. Wed, night I realize that the fridge is not keeping food cold. Make mental not to call repair man, and have them come out Thur.

Thursday, get up run a bunch of errands. Buy a pair of shoes that I hope won't be too bad for Saturday night. Swing by hobby lobby feed my knitting addiction a little. Come home and wait for the Repair guy. Repair guy comes and tells me that the unit that blows cold air over from the freezer is frozen. Why you ask??? Because someone (jack) left the icecream sitting too close to the freezer door and it wasn't shutting all the way. So when i realized this and shut it all the way, and the condensation that was in the fan, froze. So I got to clean out both the fridge and the freezer and unplug it overnight. We also picked up Jacks Tux for Saturday.

So far today. I have plugged the fridge back in. Talked to gwen, and talked to jack. that is about it. I need to make it over to the bead store with my dress for tomarrow bc i don't have any jewlery for it. Sigh! Right now i am waiting to see if the fridge will truely get cold.

02 October 2006

My brain keeps clicking along....

Today I am having one of those ADD days. They happen from time to time. I have been diagnosed ADHD and was medicated for years. When I got pregnant with Maggie I had to go off of my meds, and since then I have not been back on them. And that is what makes days like these ones rough. I can not keep a single thought in my head.

So far today I have worked on my knitting project. Had a very little to eat. Started a pot of coffee, never had a cup. Reorganized my knitting basket. Worked on a pair of socks. And started a load of laundry. And I have only been up since 8. We will have to see how the rest of the day goes.

I know I am like this because of emotional stress surrounding me. Jacks dad type figure is having quad-bypass surgery this morning. They started at 6 am, and I have not heard anything yet. Dennis lives with us, and Maggie is very attached to him. I don't want anything bad to happen.

Oh well my mind is racing again, I must find something to do.

01 October 2006

Yet another blog....

Yes, as you can tell I have had more then one blog in my lifetime. Total counts is probably around 10. I have had my Livejournal account for 6 or so years now (http://kaytm.livejournal.com), and I used to use it regularly. But i don't like where the company livejournal is going, or even where my own blog was going... So, here I am.

For those of you that don't know me, let me fill you in on a few things.

Name: Kayt, pronounced Kate. I do not answer to anything else so no, Katy's or anything don't even try it.

Location: Small town Indiana.... Westville to be exact. Believe me when I say Small town!!!

Family: I have one daughter, Maggie, who is one. I also have Jack, my fiance, the love of my life.
I am very close with my Mom and Dad who now live out in Reno, Nevada. And i have a sister (Gwen) that i adore. She is down doing some Army Training (reserves) down in Texas for like the next year. In her civilian life she is a flight attendant. So we all fly back and forth pretty easily.

Pets: The most amazing mutt named Cassidy. Ok she isn't a mutt, she is a Chesapeak Bay Retriever. And the smartest dog i have seen in a long time.

Random things: *I am obsessed with knitting. I taught myself when maggie was nursing, and haven't put the needles down yet.
*I am a SAHM, and jewlery designer on the side.
*I love to shop and to find a good deal.

So that is me, that is Kayt in a nutshell. Nothing more nothing less. If I ever offend, I am not sorry. I can be outspoken and loud. But I do mean what i say.