23 May 2007

A Post Full of Squee!!!!!!!

Ok so this post has been long coming and i am sooo excited to finally make it. I could have made it yesterday but well life is really getting away from me as of late. Not to mention my whole argument with pay pal! GRRRRRRRRR. I have been told that it should be resolved by Friday. It doesn't affect me accepting payments only paying others... ANYWHO!!!!

First let me give a big Squee to my SP! She just sent me the HP Knits book.. and I am sooo in love with it and her! I did make my FIL open it bc she had it sent from amazon and they accidently sent a packing invoice. But she caught that and warned me. So I still do not know who she is or where she is from. But wow... now that i have looked more closely at this book, i want to knit everything! Well maybe not the blanket... LOL!

The Squee that we have all been waiting for. The girls over at Piddleloop, have put together this absolutly amazing project. One of their wonderful small project pouches, hand dyed sock yarn from Twisted, a pattern from http://dorkybestfriend.typepad.com/, and stitch markers from.... ME (Jen picked out the beads i only assembled them). Let me tell you they are amazing. Jen posted them for sale on Monday night and they are already sold out!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited about these! they are amazing... and now time for the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEin' pictures!!!!!!

A pic from the top, look at the amazing colors!

Close up of the Amy Butler Fabric, I am falling in love with her fabric more and more every day!

The bag is open, look at all the love in there!

Everything that is in the bag. The Yarn is sooo soft and yummy I can not even believe it! I can not wait to knit it up, or roll in it, i am not sure what comes first!

All the goodie bits. Stitch Markers, Notepad, Notions Pouch and BUTTONS! Piddleloop always sends the best buttons in their packages!

Needles to say i am uber excited!

But i do have other knitting news. As some of you remember I had knitted a seamless EZ sweater and well you never saw the finished version bc well i hated it... my guage was figured off it was huge and looked like a giant green potato sack! So it has been frogged, and I casted it back on...... my fingers are crossed!

That is my laptop modeling the new sweater. And let me point out that is a center pull ball hand rolled by ME! Thank you so much Erin for showing me how to do that about a million times, it finally worked! Ok i Squee'd when it worked!

In other handmade news... My etsy store has been updated with some earrings. Some stitch markers and soon to come, a couple of necklaces and more stitch markers (pictures are done just need to get them posted). So go ahead give it a look. Give me feedback on the items. Do you like them? do you not? What would you like to see, that you think i can do... LOL!


17 May 2007

Do i have knitting to post???

Ok it is small but i honestly have knitting... I knit up a head band, based on the free pattern by knitpicks. I used a spare skein of dancing sock yarn i had laying around. Size 3 needles instead of 4's and changed the amount of rows.

Before i seamed it up, laying on my desk.. my desk is such a great model :)

Ignore my roots!!!!! but this is a slightly blury one on my head. Jack took the picture for me.. he is still getting used to the camera though.

hooo! knitting!

15 May 2007

Still can't Squee!

Ok I still can't squee outloud but i have been told soon! LOL! In other news i have been put on a knitting accesorie diet..... LOL... I went a litle spend crazy out in Nevada, and it didn't really hit till i got home. Guess HP Knits will have to wait for a bit, i can drool on Lesa's until then. I am sure she will bring it when i see her if i ask... just so i can oogle it! LOL. in other news farmers market started last weekend. and it was lots of fun. I got a chance to take a pic with my new camera.

That is Marilyn's booth, i love all of her stuff it is always sooo pretty.

And this is Marilyn with all her purty stuffs... and yummy Aspargus!!!!!!!!!

I hope i have distracted you well :)

10 May 2007

Squee's to come!

Ok so i have something to squee about and the squee is really really good... but i can't tell you guys yet! *giggle* got to see the knitting girls tonight. I must order the HP Knits book, i was really amazed on how indepth it was tons of patterns... and they are done in afordable yarns! i was shocked.
OK i am heading to bed now. Ni Ni all !

09 May 2007

Home Sweet Home

Maggie and I arrived home last night about 8 pm. And i don't think i have ever been as happy to be in Westville as i was last night. LOL. I cam home to a mostly clean house, there is a small issue with in me about the mountian of dishes in the sink, and a package from my Secret Pal, from SP 10. And let me squee, squee, and double squee... she sent me some of the softest yummiest alpaca yarn i have ever seen. And I haven't even see it in good light yet... LOL! I also came home to a bran new digi cam that is suppose to work with Vista, so i may be back to spamming you guys all with pictures again.

Ok so while in Reno i hit 3 yarn stores.... Jimmy Beans Wool, and independent Ben Franklin, and Deluxe Yarns. And i hate to say it but Jimmmy Beans sucks! When you walk in it seems all cute and homey.... It is not. The people there were pretty unfriendly and rather unknowing about what was going on in their own store. I asked about a demo piece that was laying on the counter, and a piece that was hung on the wall. No one could tell me what techniques were used or patterns they were. and they were kind of happy to be clueless about it. It honestly seemed to me that they cared alot more about their online pressence then there live in person one. As far as stock went, it was a Lorna's Laces store. Don't get me wrong i do enjoy LL. but that is not the only company i want to see filling 80% of someones stock. Ofcourse i did buy something i got 2 skeins of Ladybug sock yarn. It is currently making itself into a chevron scarf. Loved the colors and i need to see if Sheeps carries it. I more then likely will not be shopping at JB's again, even if i am in reno.

Ben Franklin... I was plesantly shocked. When mom suggested it i was like what? you can't be serious... they probably only care red heart and lion brand (which both have their uses i just have too much of them right now). I was wrong! i saw some of the most beautiful stuff there. And all though they didn't have any one to help me in the yarn section, i didn't have any questions so it all worked out. I did fall in love with a couple of noro colorways, but they only had one skein a piece... so i am officaly on a noro hunt now. And ofcourse I picked up some sock yarn. Nothing too special just some of that italian cotten socknietta (i fink) stuff. I also picked up 2 size 2 circs and taught myself how to knit socks on 2 circs that night. So it was a good and productive trip there.

Deluxe yarns, Reno Nevada..... i love them! You have to enter this little, house off of the alley, in a not so great part of town. But it is worth it 100 %. The 4 rooms that they have there are packed from top to bottom in yarn goodness! Colorways i have never seen, handpaints i have never heard of. And they did not even stare at me when i rubbed it not only on my face, but maggies and my dads. Ok so dad looked at me wierd but oh well! And to top it off they were having a sale! Sales are good. So what did i get? Sock yarn! Sock yarn does not count towards stash! So i now have some pink tofuties, a green white and blue verigated that i don't remember the name of, and i got a couple of self striping cascade sock yarn for my SP. The owner and here friend were there and were sooo nice that i want to go back already. Both of them were very open about what they were working on, and how long they had been knitting and why the do such things, ect ect ect. It really felt like a yarn home! That also might be bc there was still a kitchen with a stove and a fridge right in the middle of everything. I loved it!

While i was out there i didnt' get much done on my WIP's. But my wish list of things i want to knit got much much longer. And my stash got bigger, and there is a potential of it getting even huger! My mom has a ton of mountian colors weavers, which seems to be a worsted weight, to give to me... but i couldn't fit it in my bags comeing home. I am thining i may have her ship it to me and do a Lady E out of it. I think Lady E is a worsted weight.

Well my knitter friends that was my trip in the yarn sense. Right now i am up really early, my body thinks it is around 4.30 so i think i am gonna have some coffee and enjoy the quite. oh yeah and take a nap when maggie lays down this morning.

02 May 2007

Reno Update

Ok so Reno is going well. Yesterday we took Maggie to "The Ark" they are a wild life rescue. They take the animals that people think should be pets... Large cats i.e. tigers and leporads and take care of them since they can not be cared for as a pet, or released to the wild bc they have been declawed and such. We had a GREAT time. They even have a black bear named Yogi (go figure), who was just waking up from hibernation. Maggie loved ever bit of it! I have some pictures just haven't pulled them off the camera yet. Today Mom and Dad both had to work so maggie and i have the run of the house. :) I need to run through and pick it all up in a bit when i put her down for nap. Napping has been a treat... she doesn't want to do it here so there are lots of tears and yelling when it becomes time. So i push it till she is pretty much falling over as she walks.

Today when Mom gets home we are gonna hit up the LYS! hoo! then tomarrow we are off the the sheep/alpaca farm. And going to see Dad in the music man. the whole reason for this trip. Then Friday as an added bonus mom and i are gonna go see Rockapella! i am sooo excited i could squee!!!!!

01 May 2007

Safe and Sound

So Maggie and i made it to Reno safe and sound. My knitting bag was throughly riffled though. no clue why, there wasn't anything in there. I even took my sissors out of the bag. but no they felt the need to go throught it and even squish my cakes of yarn. I got a little sock knitting done on the plane. but maggie wsn't wanting to sleep most of the time so i was playing with here. Haven't asked my mom when we are gonna hit the LYS. I love this, not even here 24 hours yet and i am already for the LYS. I know we are gonna hit Jimmy Beans and then a little store over in Truckee. I can not wait!!!!