29 March 2007

you outta be in pictures.

I'm stealing a photo meme from Erin
- leave in the comments 3 things you want me to show pictures of on my blog and I'll do my best to do it. Come on, it'll be fun!


jen said...

1. the color of your toothbrush
2. your favorite toy
3. your favorite pair of shoes

erin/pinkerbell said...

1 favorite knitting spot
2 baby pic of you and of maggie
3 your current/latest bead project

Natalie said...

In honor of spring:
1. Favorite toenail polish
2. The first flower you see when you go outside
3. Your favorite flip-flop

MollyKnits said...

1. fave knitting bag
2. fave coffe/tea cup
3. fave fruit (you getting off easy. I asked Erin for a potato)

Lori said...

1. Your favorite sock needles
2. Your favorite flavor if ice cream
3. Your favorite holiday