01 March 2007

Questions for the Lime and Violet Swap

X-posted to my blog....

1. What kind of fibers do you prefer?
Wooly kind!!!!!! Superwash is good.

2. What kind of weight do you prefer (sock, worsted, bulky)?
Lately it has been sock sock sock and more sock!! But if we aren't talking sock worsted is a good bet.

3. Do you spin?
I am learning to spindle not very well though... But i am getting a wheel.

4. Do you crochet?

5. Are there any books, patterns, magazines would you like to own that you don't?
Off the top of my head I can not think of any. If there is a book i want i always just get it!

6. Are you participating in any themed a-longs like the Project Spectrum?
Just the themed sock a month thing.. god i can not remember the name of it right now.

7. Do you have a wishlist on Amazon.com or Half.com? (provide a link)
I have better then an amazon list.. I have KABOODLE http://www.kaboodle.com.kaytm

8. Any Etsy stores that you would love to get something from?
I can't think of an etsy store off the top of my head there are sooo many! But there is http://store.piddleloop.com], Jen there knows me and knows what some of my weaknesses are too.

9. What other crafty things are you involved in (quilting, drawing, painting)?
I am a beader/jewlery designer (i know fancy name but it works)

10. What is your favorite sort of scent?
OK I know this sounds crazy, but clean laundry....

11. Do you have a sweet tooth and what kind of sweets do you like best?
I love love love gummies, and swedish fish (i think they are technicaly gummies).

12. What kind of music do you like?
Chick Rock, Ani Difranco is huge in our house. Oh yeah and Dave matthews and such.

13. What do you like to knit? And for whom?
Socks, and little prezzies for the kids iin our family. Socks for me mostly. I do knit scarfs for the family, and hats.

14. What sort of things do you like to collect?
I have become quite obsessed with monkeys and sock monkeys as of late. And hello kitty, she is an all time favorite.

15. Do you want needles? And what kind do you prefer?
Wood!!!!! Bamboo or others but wood. I do also have a softness for addi turbo's though.

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jen said...

i see the hello kitty sewing machine (in pink) at the woodfield mall sanrio store everytime we go to ikea or the japanese bookstore!

i like the HK mug set too!