15 May 2007

Still can't Squee!

Ok I still can't squee outloud but i have been told soon! LOL! In other news i have been put on a knitting accesorie diet..... LOL... I went a litle spend crazy out in Nevada, and it didn't really hit till i got home. Guess HP Knits will have to wait for a bit, i can drool on Lesa's until then. I am sure she will bring it when i see her if i ask... just so i can oogle it! LOL. in other news farmers market started last weekend. and it was lots of fun. I got a chance to take a pic with my new camera.

That is Marilyn's booth, i love all of her stuff it is always sooo pretty.

And this is Marilyn with all her purty stuffs... and yummy Aspargus!!!!!!!!!

I hope i have distracted you well :)

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