02 May 2007

Reno Update

Ok so Reno is going well. Yesterday we took Maggie to "The Ark" they are a wild life rescue. They take the animals that people think should be pets... Large cats i.e. tigers and leporads and take care of them since they can not be cared for as a pet, or released to the wild bc they have been declawed and such. We had a GREAT time. They even have a black bear named Yogi (go figure), who was just waking up from hibernation. Maggie loved ever bit of it! I have some pictures just haven't pulled them off the camera yet. Today Mom and Dad both had to work so maggie and i have the run of the house. :) I need to run through and pick it all up in a bit when i put her down for nap. Napping has been a treat... she doesn't want to do it here so there are lots of tears and yelling when it becomes time. So i push it till she is pretty much falling over as she walks.

Today when Mom gets home we are gonna hit up the LYS! hoo! then tomarrow we are off the the sheep/alpaca farm. And going to see Dad in the music man. the whole reason for this trip. Then Friday as an added bonus mom and i are gonna go see Rockapella! i am sooo excited i could squee!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey--- a pkg will be arriving at home- in the next few days!

It shipped to the PO bo this morning;) your sp10