02 October 2007

become a vegan starter kit....

Ok so I can get on board with being a vegitarian... and I can get on board with being vegan, or so I thought. It isn't for me, i like meat.. but if you want it for you go ahead. I can understand how animals raised for food are not always treated well, and then are slaughtered and such. And how leather is also cruel.... but this morning on one of my free stuff alerts there is a vegan starter kit....

"Free Vegan Starter Kit
If you have been considering going the vegan route, learn a little bit more, this starter kit comes with information on how animals suffer for meat, dairy, eggs and seafood, how meat eating affects the environment, the myth of free-range, what's wrong with leather and wool, vegan recipes, and free stickers. You may also request a free copy of Meet Your Meat."

Ok what is wrong with wool!!!!!!!!! nothing! From the friends of mine that i have met through my mom, who raise sheep for wool, goats, and even fluffy wuffy bunnies. All of these animals, must be "cleaned", "groomed" or "sheered" because if we as owners and lovers do not do these things, they will do it to them self. Which then inturn causes them to digest their fleece, and it will form wool block in their digestive system. In essence the fleece will get wet, and warm and start to felt, blocking any food or nutrition from getting into their system. It is like a cat's hair ball on the millionth level! I am seriously thinking about contacting the sight and asking them how they came up with the idea that wool is bad. Oy!

ok rant over!

(hey look i ranted about something other then silly tv shows.)


jen said...

i seem to remember with some research i did AGES and AGES ago it as something to do with the way some (not all)sheep are rasied for wool industries. Sheered and left out in the elements and stuff.
Altho Nat and I were looking for a fall coat for him. And most department stores their coats have wool, but the blend is so low now. WHatever happened tot he 100% wool coat? toasty warm will last for eons.
now it's all about poly blends on the outer sheel and low blends of wool. i don't like it.

i was vegan for 6 years. But then again i was vegetarian for 28. But it wasn't a choice. :/

MollyKnits said...

I was a vegan for a year and a half, veggie for about 3 years. They are huge on NO KIND OF ANIMAL products. Which sounds all nice and sweet, but Sly can't wear synthics on his feet, leather comes from cows already killed for food, and as you point out, sheep need to get rid of all that in the summer. Actually, I just can't deal with the biased propaganda put out by the animal rights people anymore. I love animals, I really do, but no kill animal shelters are bad for the animals, and there is TONS of mis-information. Further humans are natural PREDITORS (we see color, eyes in the front of our heads, and meat eating teeth).

Sorry, this is something I rant on a lot.