23 October 2007

yet another i am alive post....

I am still alive! My brother in law is currently living with us.. so my world has flipped upside down. My mom came to town last weekend. and I got to learn to spin on a real wheel a little. Wow i am one with the over twist! but it was fun. And she tell me to feel free to use the wheel at the house in porter. I fink i will be hanging out there more often. maybe it will be my sunday hide from football place.

this sunday i did make Lesa's Corn Chowder. And now I must tell everyone you HAVE TO MAKE THIS! It is to die for. Jack even liked it, and he doesn't believe soup can be a meal. I am still working on my sleeve for the emerald sweater. I know i should knit fast then this but well it just isn't happening lately. There will be an etsy update soon. I have some ornaments ready to go in... and some sweater clips that you guys have not yet seen. That is if we can keep Jen from buying them before I post them. Jen was at least kind enough to take some pics for me. Clicky the link and see. they are towards the bottom of her blog :)

ok now i must take my leave.. i have a house to clean, a dog to was, and a sweater to knit!

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jen said...

i will buy them ALL muwahahahahaha