28 February 2007

WIP Wen.

Ok, so one monkey sock done. And into the cuff pattern on the second one yay!!!!! I am soo excited. I love working with this Sophies Toes yarn! It is just yummy. I would post pictures of the first sock, as soon as i find it again to take a pic. This is my version of second sock syndrome. Twice lately I have had one sock done, and when I finish the second, the first one has been misplaced. I say misplaced, Jack says carried off by a dog or baby! Jack is probably right. I am going to move furniture one day and find a full stash of socks.

That is all i have to report right now. I am going to knit up some dishclothes in the next day or so though.

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AmysBabies said...

When stuff disappears we say it has been sucked into The Vortex. It is the Oregon Vortex that takes stuff like that. Oh sure, they tell you it is just a road side tourist trap, but we know better in our family ;D