08 December 2006

Busy Busy life.....

This holiday season is trying to kick my very large butt. Jack has not been officaly laid off as of yet, but he has not worked in over a week. I just love when this happens at christmas. On top of him having the crapiest year of work ever, the lay off comes nice and early. He did file for his unemployment benifites yesterday. But they switched their weeks around. So instead of a 2 week check we are only going to get a 1 week check before christmas. As if that is not stressful enough. I have not been able to work solidly at my work from home job, bc we are having problems with noise on our phone line, which causes my dsl connection to drop off and me to drop calls. And well work does not appreciate when my computer randomly hangs up on customers. So right now we are gettting buy on a little bit of savings and the extra money i get from teaching classes at the beadstore. Which i would not be doing if i didn't have too. Between trying to work from home and the bead store (just lost my internet connection right now at 8.15 am.) I feel like i am constantly on the run. Which makes for a very grumpy kaytm.

We also have decided not to do personal gifts for christmas this year. We are all getting each other things to face lift the kitchen. Jack is currently painting the cabniets and ceiling since well he has time. And I think i am going to be able to either purchase some counter tops or flooring for christmas. Mom got us pots and pans for our wedding present. so things will look new in there soon enough. I should get in there and take a before picture. In other christmas news I am waiting on my knit picks yarn to get here, so well i can knit some presents up. My questinos is why does it take 5+ days for a box to get here from OHIO?!?!?! I could drive to where it was shipped from and home at least 4 or 5 times before it will get here! :( Acording to mapquest it is 266.42 miles that is a 4 hour drive... not bad. i hate dealing with shipping things. *sigh*

OK I need to start my day, I have to unknot a skein and teach classes so i will talk to everyone later.

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