13 December 2006

Waiting on the mail...

So I just realized how much stuff I am currently waiting on being delivered.....
*The comcast Cable modem. Should be here anyday now, coming from UPS
*The New to me large Swift from Deenen! Thank you for the great deal sweetie!
*Yarn from Knit Picks.
*Center Pull ball winder from Jo-Ann Fabrics, I got it for under 30 bucks so I was excited.
*Sock Yarn from Stick Chick. That should be here anyday now... she is always good about shipping it.

I know all of these things have been shipped, just waiting on all of them.

Good news today.... well fun news. When I checked my mail today i did get my annual Haunakah Gift from my friend Jon. Mind you neither of us are Jewish. But it was nice to recieve it. I had such a crappy day with work stuff... that i acuatly opened it already. I think I will re-wrap it for christmas though. Normaly I wait.

***** Edit: Knit Picks now changed my delivery date to tomarrow.... *****

1 comment:

Deneen said...

Thank Knit Picks still isn't in?????

I love waiting on mail days!