22 December 2006

I K. Koker....

I K. Koker promise to lose the Christmas Crazy's effictive now! I will no longer worry or fret that anyones present will not be perfect. I will not loose countless sleeping hours to knitting. If it is done now, then it is done. If it is not done by chirstmas??? then well I guess I will just have to become orthodox! But I am not going to let this season drive me crazy any further. And by doing so.... I will stop driving my family crazy. Sounds nice doesn't it???? So here is the christmas run down....

Mom - Main present done... working on a pair of socks.... but she will understand.

Dad- Need to felt his slippers.

Gwen - Yarn is wound into pretty skeins for her and maggie to dye, and then give to me to make her socks.

Maggie - Done

Zoe - Done

Holden - Done

Tibult - Giving him the yarn to give me back once he has figured out if he wants a long hat, or short. And if he wants his thumbs to be able to play game boy or not. Convertiable thumbs how cool is that.

Larua - Done

Andy - picking up coffee mug tomarrow.

Dennis - Done

Jack - Finishing tomarrow but at least i know what i am looking for now.

And on that note, Jack and i went out to dinner tonight and i am a little tipsy. so i am sending my ass to bed.

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