23 June 2007

See I do to knit!

Ok so got one beret done..... this one is going to be for laura since her head is smaller then mine and well it doesn't fit me. the funny thing is that between me casting it on on thur and finishing it today (and i didn't knit yesterday). I have lost or creativly hid from myself my size 6 rounds... the ones that i use for like an inch at the bottom. i wonder if i left it at the bead store.... but i thought i remember putting it in the bag. sigh the search will continue.

once again my laptop is our lovely model!

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ms. pixie riot said...

hey kayt! i saw that you were enjoying the yarn oddity that robin bought from me... i'm going to be making up more in my next batch of dyeing (a few weeks or so), so if you'd like, i'll make sure there's a skein of that colour reserved for you. just leave me a blog comment and let me know. :-)