11 June 2007

Good Yarn Karma

Ok if you haven't heard me go on about this blog before here it is! Good Yarn Karma, is an amazing and wonderful blog that allows you to destash for karma. Have something that you have had stashed forever and don't know why. Don't feel like putting a price on it. then you can give it away for Karma. Today in the mail, all though it had been there for a couple of days. I recieved the book. A Treasury of Rowan Knits, this is a book i had owned beofre but was lsot the the great dog is not happy mis hap of 2006. It was a rather expensive book that i had planed on replacing just hadn't gotten around to it yet. And well the world has brought it back to me. Thank you very much GYK! Now i need to go through my stash and see what i have to pay it forward.

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