27 June 2007

we have been invaded!

When i checked the mail today there was a package for the magg'ers from her g'ma and g'pa as they put it. We now have more rubber ducks then i could ever know what to do with.

here is a group shot.. yes the one up front is a Rotwieler puppy duckie! He would have to be my fave.

maggies fave is a sailor. well that and the one that looks like a dalmatian puppy duckie but i think she took it to bed. i can't find it to take a pic.

We are currently as of today remodeling the bathroom. Here is a pic of jack ripping down wall paper.

and now to prove i do knit... here is my invis. shawl, i love it!!!! ignore the artistic license i have taken with the pattern.. LOL.


Kimberly said...

Love the Duckie Invasion! They are too cute and sure to be great fun in the tub for the wee one!

MayaB said...

That's a lot of ducks!
I can't wait to see the contined shawl, not to mention the bathroom.

MollyKnits said...

Is Jack ripping wallpaper in a towel? :) I can be such a snarky bitch sometimes.