22 June 2007

I swear i do knit!

Ok so i do knit i promise you... right now i am working on some HP knits. but really right now what i am dealing with is one hell of a mess! one of my center pull balls is really taking on a mind of its own. The sad thing is it was wound by the owner of the LYS. As lesa said last night she owes me free yarn. I think she owes lesa free yarn she is the one doing the majority of the un knotting.

and one more pic just purely to show howmuch fun my camera is. or at least how much fun Jen was having with my new camera. how about a panaramic of the B&N Cafe.


MollyKnits said...

Oh, gee thanks! A panoramic photo of me looking like some crazy yarn lady! ;)

Anonymous said...

well.... glad you still knit- as your final sp10 pkg is about to wing it's way out to you.....

Glad you've got a new camera....you may want to post pics;)

your sp 10