02 July 2007

oh we do love progress don't we? and a couple of other pics

Here is the WIP photos of the inveeeesible (yes i pronounce it like that everytime i say it) shawl.

This is the first photo on 6/25/07. I casted on about a week earlier but hadn't found the groove yet.

6/27/07 the day of the invasion of ducks... and allergy attacks but that is another story for another day. we show some progress.... and i am starting to hit my stride.

This was this morning 7/2/07. Notice we can no longer see my monitor on the laptop. that makes me soooo giggly and happy it is insane! I could never thank my SP 10 pal enough for sending me the Charmed Knits book! it is so awesome any yummy! and i love this shawl!

My new kitchen utensils. My friend Brian sent this on to me when he saw Jack the other day. :D how cute are they? My spaghetti strainer had a smiley... the ice cream scoop has a odd body form and smiley that is hard to see. And my veggie peeler has boobs! Oddly enough the boobs make a good thumb rest! thanks Bri!

Did you think you were getting away with out a maggie pic??? this is how maggie would like to spend her sunday mornings. Sitting on her safari truck, in a diaper reading her toy catalog. That is the way to start the perfect day.


MollyKnits said...

Aw, a little reader. Gotta love that.

I so want a veggie peeler with BOOBS!

ms. pixie riot said...

nice utensils! hee hee.

it's more fun if you say certain words certain ways. i like inveeeeeeeeesible... i'm also a big fan of spoooOOOoooOOooooky. it's more fun if you say it like that!