02 November 2006


Today was kind of insane and really just got away from me. It started this morning when maggie woke up at 7.30. I walked into her room, the room that was spotless when I went to bed. And had to cry. Why you ask. Bc the dog cassidy apparently had decided to pull all of the trash out of the can downstairs and take it up to maggies room. she even somehow got into the diaper pail, with a snap on lid. It was just too early and i didn't sleep well, and I couldn't handle it. I just started to cry. No way around it Sobbing. Jack heard me over the moniter upstairs, he came up to see what was wrong. Thankfully he cleaned up the mess while I took care of the baby.

Cassidy was then banned to our bedroom, with the sleeping Jack for the majority of the rest of the day.

When I get angry or frustrated i clean.... So right now my kitchen, bathroom, and family room are pretty spotless. Which is nice. It was not nice though that as i was cleaning i was getting more and more agravated. Jacks stepdad apparently is incapable of picking up after him self. Today in the kitchen alone, i wiped up his drippled, turned into glue icecream from last night. His mcdonalds cup that couldn't make it to the trash. And the trash from the icecream toppings. GRRRR!

By the time Jack got up, i needed a nap. so we were ships passing once again. He watched the baby for an hour so i could rest. I got up made dinner and he had to get ready for work.

Happy second aniversary to us huh? Yup 2 years ago today, Jack and I had our first date. We also canceled out each others presidental votes that day. He voted for bush (but i forgave him), and i for kerry.

on a good note, i did get one mitten done today. One down one to go!

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Deneen said...

I am going to make an anti-pet statement here, but the dog vomited all over your car and now dragged garbage into the baby's room-time to get an outside pen set up.

We all have stinky days like that and the cleaning up the kitchen never ends and never will-somehow rinsing out a bowl is beneath my husband too.