29 November 2006

WIP Wen.

Is it that time again????? To be honest, my WIP's are becoming FO's as fast as i start them. Ok so i am working on dishcloths for my family for christmas. But it is a nice feeling of acomplishment when they are done.

This morning I did buy Erin's pattern for the Sweet Mary Janes.
Which you can purchas here...http://store.piddleloop.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=51 I would have just made the pic clickable, but i didn't know how. These are going to be for my Pseudo sister and jacks girls i think. If they show up.

That is my knitting forcast right now.

Yesterday i did meet with my drop spindle guru! and I was amazed. She is awesome. And so helpful. I acuatly made a very small bit of yarn! Happy dance!


MollyKnits said...

SMJs are very addicting! Great for gifties too.

Erin said...

thanks! if you have any questions/comments please email me!