08 November 2006

WIP Wen.

OK 3 things going on. And only 3 :)

Still chugging away at linz's scarf. I am probably about half way though it to be honest. But i haven't picked it up much lately.

My socks that I just started the other day, with my winging it pattern. They are going great and I probably could finish one of them tonight, if i knit. I LOVE the self striping yarn that i am using.

Mittens for me! Will be done before i go to sleep tonight. They are almost done now. I had to frog about 4 rows out bc well it wasn't looking good, my increases were messed up.

That is it for right now.

Question of the day. Why when you rip something out is it called frogging?


Deneen said...

Is the frogging question a real question or a kind of joke question?

rip-it, rip-it, rip-it

Erin said...

yes frogging or "taking a trip to the frog pond." or if unknitting something one stitch at a time (as if to correct an error is "tinking"