01 November 2006

WIP Wen.

Wow, is anyone other then me totaly amazed and overwhelmed that it is November already? Yeah I need to get christmas presents done... So this will be the normaly WIP update, and some mental planning.

Irish Hiking Scarf - I am loving this so far. Hell it is the first time I have done cables with out tieing everything up in knots. I can see how the tedium may kill me, but right now I LOVE it!

Log Cabin afgahn - It is going. The knit every row thing is kind of boring. But it gives me something to do while watching CSI, and L&O. What did i do before I realized how productive multitasking is????

Mittens - The KAL at Fiber Freaks this month is themed around hands this month. So I went ahead and casted on the mittens I had been planning to make myself. While watching CSI tonight I got to the point where i need to seperate for the thumb. Not to far, but far enough to let myself go to bed. After I am done with this ofcourse.

only 3 projects going and no socks on it!!!!! how weird. not weird enough to make me start a pair of socks though.


Dad- Felted clog's, I still need to decide on the color for this. And get the yarn ordered. I am very happy that these knit up in nothing flat though.

Mom- Stitch markers and row counter, I may do those for her birthday on the 9th of December. She did tell me today if I was going to do that, she would like them out of the really expensive beads that she likes at the bead store. For the second present I am thinking of doing a felted purse. If i can ever find that pattern on the net again..... I forgot to book mark it and now it is my needle in a haystack.

(side note Deneen if you are reading how much of the silver plated wire would you want? So i can get an accurate price)

Gwen- No friggin' clue!

Jack- I am thinking I will make him up a hat, and a pair of felted clogs.

Tibult, Zoe, Holden - Hat and Mitten sets.

Laura - Lucy bag (thank god it knits up fast for me).

Andy - No friggin' clue!

Ok now i must sleep.


Deneen said...

I am reading, 5 feet or so (or if more is cheaper, good)-26 gauge and 20 gauge.

Lots of WIPS. You MUST make more of those row counters-you saw the trouble I had counting one lousy facecloth's rows.

Erin said...

what felted purse pattern was it? I can help