08 November 2006

Yes it is true...

As I said earlier... the Mittens are finished. I now need to dedicate myself to christmas. But the procratinator in me, will not let that happen. Oh well. I will post pics tomarow of my new hand clothes! Now if i could only knit in them, i wouldn't take them off.

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Lynn said...

Wasn't sure if you'd check that email so am responding this way. :)

Thanks so much about liking the bag! I actually made the pattern up on the fly..and didn't really write it down...*blush*
There is a pattern similar here
I used Lamb's Pride and felted. Hmm..the plaid pattern is really cool. I did a rib and then went back and crocheted in a stripe. I showed some picts on my blog. (sept 25th)
I know this isn't a ton of help! Sorry. :)