26 November 2006

Needles flying??

God I wish I could say my needles were flying, but i just seem to be knitting slower for some reason. I did finish my wingin' it pair of socks. And they are uber comfy, i love them! I finished them up on wed night, so i referred to them as my "thanksgiving socks" all day Thursday.

Thanksgiving itself went wonderful. We didn't have a big thing at all, and I like it that way. I did get angry, that neither of Jacks older daughters even called. But I am letting that slide. I am guessing at Christmas the older one will just show up with her whole brood with out any warning. So I am preparing for a crowd. I am also going to knit up a couple of extra face clothes, with my homemade soap. Just in case she shows up with friends, then I will have presents for them too. Just hoping they are girls, bc not sure how a 20 something boy would like a face cloth with soap. Oh well.

The one little tweak in thanksgiving will make my readers giggle or at least i hope it will. As i was doing up the prep dishes, i could not find a freakin' dishcloth to save my soul. We rarely do dishes by hand so we don't have that many. Well once i tracked one down, it sucked beyond belief. So what did i do? I promptly stopped doing dishes, sat down casted on a dishcloth, and announced that I was not going to finish the dishes until I was done with the new dishcloth. Jack just gave me the blankest stare I have ever seen. I don't think he thought I was serious. Well I was...... And now he is even in love with hand knit dishcloths.

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