01 August 2007

kayt and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.

So august 1st, the only thing positive so far is um 25 days till my birthday.

In other news.. the company that jack switched to 3 weeks ago... laid him off on monday. And this morning i got a call from my supervisor at my job. To inform me that they will no longer be employing people in the state of indiana.

I was working on my fleather pluckin' sock today somehow droped about 4 stitchs that ran to the cuff so that was frogged. in the prossess of winding the ball back up i decided to full re wind it and with maggies help have a giant knot on my had.

ok there are 2 things positive i am off to get well cafinated and knit with the girls tonight!


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MollyKnits said...

Boy, did you need a Get the Hell Out tm night! We even had booze for ya!;)

Check my blog for goodness for you.