03 August 2007

Lesa would be so proud...

So at the get the hell out.... the other night i casted on a new sock.. found a stitch pattern casted on... started the pattern.. and here i am looking at the heel flap... open the book to see waht i am suppose to do for it. yup the stitch patter i like they are directing me to do in a toe up... and here i have 5 inches done working top down.... LMAO. I really should read everything first.

So here it is lesa... I am winging it!!!!!!! looking at the book for guide but not pattern!

with that said i am putting my butt to bed!

ni ni all!

I will have to catch up on degrassi tomarrow. :(

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MollyKnits said...


Actually, I just spent the night designing a ski sweater for me, a sweater for Sly, and socks for Sly. I can't draw stick people, so Sly does my design sketches for me.