14 August 2007

lots of goodness!!!!

Ok so first Jen over at Piddleloop tagged me in the rockin' girl blogger thing.... so now i must tag 5 of you... :) oh my choices!

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1. I would have to go with little miss pixie riot! over at Pixie Punk Knits! She is and amazing dyer and her sock yarn is just yum-a-licous... She also has inspired me to dig out my drop spindle and drop it on the floor some more.

2. Kim over at Kim Knits, but I know her as Reno. We both play second life together... but end up chatting about what is on our needles most of the time in game. LOL she even told me where to find a LYS in game! how great is that.

3. Laura from A Frayed Knot. Laura was my pal from SP 10. And i just love reading about what is going on on her needles and in her life. And the pictures of Becky are a great bonus!

4. Erin from My Best Friends a Dork. Erin is one of my knitting guru's! who recently ran off to greener pastures, lol she got a killer family house it is just a million miles away. I really want to crawl in her head some day and see all the knitting information flying around. Miss you!!!!

5. Lesa, yes I know lesa was also tagged by Jen... but you should go check her out at Molly Knits Sweaters. She is another Knitting Guru! Who is slowly convincing me that i don't need no stinkin' patterns!!!!!! lol! I said slowly! No she is a great chick, from my SNB, very funny, and a wealth of knowledge... oh yeah and she picks me up!

Now on to yummy yummy stuff.
First I would like to announce that my rent socks are done! I finished them on our way to Lincoln Park Zoo today! they are soft fuzzy and uber yummy...... Maggie keeps rubbing them on her cheek and saying soft!

And today in my mail i got my "get real" from yarn oddities, see my number one rawking grrl blogger! Thank you soo much Miss Riot! I can not wait to use it!

I will be winding it into a ball tonight, just so i can play with it a little!

And now on to the zoo.... did you think i would leave you with out a picture of Maggie??

Here she is, riding a stationary small hippo! She is all wet bc she had just finished playing in a fountian. :) We had a GREAT time!

This is my new meercat friend Frank. After he posed for this picture, he asked me if i would mind knitting him a sweater, since the sock i was working on was very intresting to him.


jen said...

hahahah frank rules!

so does the picture of maggie

lolipops life said...

love the magsters as always, I believe frank would look good in a yellow sweater but then again he did love the green sock

MollyKnits said...

I got to do that rockin' girl thing. I am slow.

You all have to stop saying nice things about me. It'll go to my head.

erin/pinkerbell said...

Awww. thanks. (I'm up in Valpo to visit the hubby this weekend.)

Linda said...

Maggie is adorable. She looks so cute in her little outfit.
Frank looks like a meercat I would like to get to know.