09 August 2007

Sick of hearing about the laptop drama yet?

Ok after not getting a call from them yesterday with the specs on my new machine... I went a head and called corperate offices this morning. She was MORE then happy to let me know that my machine went into production this morning and all the specs.

HP Pavillion DV6000Z

Windows Vista Ultimate (i formerly had home premium)
AMd Dual Core 2.2 Processor ( i don't remember off the top of my head my old one but i thin it was like a 1.5 gig)
15.4 Screen (same as before)
4 Gig Memory (damn!!!!!! i only had 1 before)
256 G force Nividia graphics card (old one was also nvida but i don't know what one)
Intregrated Mic and webcam (probably won't use it, but didn't have it before)
200 Gig HD (100 more gigs then i had before woot!)
2.11 Wlan/bluetooth (must get blue toothgear now)
Light Scribe dvd burner (ok burning lables on my cd's just sounds like fun)
6 L High Capacity Battery (just had the normaly one before)
TV Tuner with remote (ok as if i wasn't a giant slacker before you are going to put a tv in my laptop! Ok so it does rock and i have never had that option before.)
Verizon Wireless Card (didn't have it honestly will probably never use it, but it is a removable card so i guess i could sell it).
And super duper warrenty!

When i went to the hp site and priced it all out... it came to like $2027. Damn... I guess my great talent of throwing Hissy fits has come to benifite me.

I think i may still start saving for a mac, but this will keep me going until then.

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lolipops life said...

some days huns it pays to be a brat love ya