08 August 2007

Laptop update...

As some of you know the wireless card went out on my laptop. So on July on july 26 I packaged it up , and sent it off to the spa (repair).... And they tell me that i will have it back with in 12 buisness days.... I confrirmed teh 12 buisness days with them multiple times. So when on monday i get and email telling me that they have changed their mind and i will not see my laptop till Setp 17th?!?!?! I hit the roof... and started the chain of calls. The first guy is an ass on the phone with me, but esculates my incident to a case manager, and tells me that I will get a call back Monday night. So when I don't get a call, i called yesterday morning... Talked to Sandra who was very nice... and she told me that it normaly takes 24-48 buisness hours to get a call back.. So i tell her that is unacceptable since they set the expectation of last night orginaly and i wasn't accepting her answer (starting to really get furious here, second expectation they set and fell through on)..... so she calms me down some and sends an email to my case manager. telling me if i don't hear fromt hem by 3 or 4 to give them a call back. So i was nice and waited till4.. and called back.. and started to get the run around again... from a guy who barely spoke english.... at this time i am totaly livid.... and yelling.. mostly bc he keeps intrupting me. he just keeps telling me that i have to wait 48 some odd hours.. i explain to him i am not getting off the phone till this is resolved.... finally i end up talking to hismanager.... who puts me through to someone in case management..... Who at first is a total bitch to me... but finally worked it out... as of right now they are putting my dead laptop back together for me, and sending it back... it will still work with cat 5 cable. and she is putting together a new laptop together for me... which will take about 10 days she says. So that is where we sit and we will see what happens.

As far as the new laptop they are swtiching me from a compaq pesario, to an hp pavilion. And i think through my anger i hear her say that she has about $2400 to work with, so we will see waht happens. She swears taht in no way shape or from i will be downgraded. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

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jen said...

you should just get a mac and be done with it.