07 January 2007

can you smell the eletric frying

The electronics in our family room fried sometime on saturday night. Desktop computer won't power up. PS2 will not power up. Cable box will not power up. We still aren't sure what happened. but right now i am on the crappy ass laptopl where i spend most of my time proofreadaing since it adds random letters as i am typing. Rather then proof read tonight I am just going to let you guys see waht i am talking about. Going to take the computer to the doc tomarrow to see if it can be saved. *cross your fingers for me*

PS I have about 2.5 inches on the sweater done.

1 comment:

MollyKnits said...

Crossing my fingers, but it is well and truely fried (like you smell something burnt) it may be beyond hope.

wishing you luck!