17 January 2007

Piddleloop Swag

Let me just say I love the piddleloop sewing team! Jen and Wendy are amazing! And well I haven't even met Wendy! I saw Jen at SNB tonight and she had in hand my bag of swag with her.

First I must apologize to Jen for the bad pictures but my camera sucks!

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That is my small project bag as they call it. I call it "here fishy fishy fishy". Let me say I LOVE it!

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This is the inside of my bag, I love the lining also! Notice my self striping sock already in there.

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The small 4x6 matching fishy fishy fishy pouch. And a small little bag notions bag maybe, I need to ask Jen what that is for. But it is more monkey's and i love monkey's. You will also see my headbands in the background. I totaly was not planning on these.. but jen is a head band pusher... LOL j/k. They were in the bag with the bobby pin things I asked for. And I couldn't help but look.

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And the bobby pin things that started it all. when I talked to jen 2 weeks ago about getting some stuff... This was all I had planned on. LOL What can I say I am a sucker for handmade stuff!

Piddleloop Go Check it out!


jen said...

oh the barrel of monkey's thing is a mini wallet. you can shove a couple of dollars and your driver's id in there or you can use it as a business card holder or well if you want to shove notions in it go for it! it's tiny i know, but fun.

man i just added you as a link, i had NO IDEA i hadn't added you yet. man i'm slow.

i think you saw my sister at the Self show. She would have been the blond.

SalemRose said...

Piddleloop is addicting! You start out wanting just one thing and before you know it you're in love with 5 more things!!! Handmade and beautiful what more could ya ask for?

Shelley said...

Wow....awsome items! I wonder if in the first picture you are standing too close to the bag when you took the picture...that could make it come out blurry...

MollyKnits said...

here fishy fishy fishy fishy

finally, you all discuss children's programing I am able to remember! I was starting to feel pretty old.