09 January 2007

fried fried fried....

My new computer that was a birthday present, since the old one died in the horrible storm in august. Is now.... DEAD. Computer doc was able to pull the memory out for us to use when we get a new desktop. But it was not able to be saved otherwise. And to think I just got it working the way I liked it. *le sigh*.

In knitting news still working on my tall socks, yes i picked them back up. And currently working on my sweater for me. I am honestly have a great time knitting this sweater. I get most of the work done on it in the morning while i am doing my work from home gig.

Other then that not much to post. Our camera is MIA! so I don't have any pics to post at this time. As soon as it is found, I will be posting more. But for now I am going to go and put my sleepy head to bed.

1 comment:

jen said...

i feel your pain.
my motherboard fried itself in july. derailed me for 2 months. Then i get my boy's old Mac g4 and it wants to commit suicide. i have a death wish for anything electronic