17 January 2007

Whistle while you work.....

Ok so while I am logged into my work, when i have down time, i knit! Yay! But besides knitting I also have been listening to streaming tv, i never really watch tv. My latest obssion is the show Hero's. yes I know I am about a million years behind on this wave, but i love it. Kind of x filey, kind of not. My problem is that in the past 2.5 weeks I have managed to watch all of the episodes and well there won't be another new one posted for like another week. What am I going to do???? Yes I have my knitting but i need to multi task at all times!!!! YIKES!

In other news 1 pair of socks done, Moms purple ones. And yesterday I battled the toe up socks, and I won. Well I won so far. I am not to the point of the heel yet.

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