10 January 2007

WIP Wen....

And I even have photo's today. Let me say in the new year I am really enjoying knitting. Not that i didn't enjoy it before. But Christmas kind of got to me. Right now I don't have a mass amount of UFO's. And 2 of my projects are for me me me. Not to mention the KAL on fiber freaks this month is Socks! And we all know that i just love a pair of socks. I think it is because they are fast for me. Anyway here have a few pics.

These are the only things that I have going for someone else. A pair of socks for mom. They are knit picks purple tweed. I am loving how this yarn is knitting up so much that I don't even want to part with these. Good thing I have some Grey Tweed in the stash.

These are the Very Tall Socks from Knitty. They are going to be great to wear if I ever really get them done. At least I have them casted on to fit me and have figured out all the decrease math. Got to love us thick thighed girls.

Does it look like a sweater yet. Let me tell you it will soon, I promise. I had the hardest time picking the yarn for this sweater. I am naturaly drawn to grey's for sweaters so all of my sweaters are that color. So I decided to go with my favorite color avacado green!!!!! yummy!

So that is where I am at right now more updates to follow soon.

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HDW said...

LOL Don't you just love how we get color stuck? I went through a phase were everything was black......boy it sure does bite knitting cables on black!!! Thanks for the comment....the hat was originally supposed to be for my 2 year old, but it was my first color project sooooo it was a wee bit tight....now knitting a huge one for big B and am going to felt it to change it up a bit...... Pictures to come!!! Can't wait to see the FO's. I don't dare cast one more than 1 project with 3 kids hly mooly I'd be nucking futz before I finished any of them, although I am bout out of yarn for the hat.....and I already have a sock with 3/4 of a mate waiting for more yarn.......argh gotta find time to sit down and order from knit picks but it is easier to cast on something else!!! Keep Knitting!!!