31 January 2007

I will distract you....

Ok so since the original Jaywalkers have met the frog pond, and I don't have pics of the ones that I am working on now. The yarn does not photograph nice with my camera... I will distract you with a couple of pictures...

First we have titled this one I LOOOOOOOVE POPSICLES!

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Maggie on ocassion under very close supervison will get a popsicle.. Last night was an ocassion. It cracks me up how excited she gets!

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And finally a pic of our Cassidy puppy... The incredible chewing/puking dog. Who has been mentioned for each of those things in my archive.

I hope my distraction has worked well....More knitting knews soon.


MollyKnits said...

yup, I am TOTALLY distracted from the lack of knitting content. She is very cute.

jen said...

well your pup looks awfully cute all bundled up too!