05 February 2007

Has anyone noticed it is cold???

Ok, so it is freakin' cold. More then freakin' cold if you ask me. It is currently -2 outside. I have no clue what the windchill is but it is cold... Cassidy kind of looks at me and say "huh"? when I try to put her outside to go potty.

In good news, i know what temp it is with out changing the channel, calling time and temp, or even going to weather.com. How you ask? Because I am sitting here warming my lap with my brand new Compaq Presario V6000, widescreen Laptop! Yesterday morning I was just checking the bestbuy ad online like i always do. And they had a great deal on a toshiba, so after talking about it I went to look at it. Well I got there 20 minutes after they opened and they were already sold out. Apparently they were only sent 5 of them. So i ended up spending about 100 bucks more, and got almost twice the machine. I am curently getting used to windows vista. it is an adjustment, not a giant one.... just a little. But let me tell you it is very very very pretty. I was even able to con the cable company out of a free wireless modem this afternoon. So we are once again a 2 computer family and wireless. And this laptop doesn't have sticky keys or anything. So if you see double letters it is just my general bad typing.

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