19 February 2007

ah i am a dork...

Ok so today i realized that the camera was not dead... we just had very dead batteries in it. oh well we are still getting a new one. I wanted to thank everyone real fast who sent all the nice thoughts and words. They were very much appreciated. I have been knitting like a fool. I have finished 2 more pairs of socks. well one was real socks and the other is just a pair of footies. i love footies. I will try and take some pics of them tomorrow. I have also gone a little crazy ordering yarn. I won a bet with Jack and went a little sock yarn crazy. I have seriously thought of de-stashing a good chunk of it to make room for sock yarn. either that or i have to get rid of clothes to make room for it in drawers.

I also have this little voice in my head telling me to buy a spinning wheel. There is one at my moms house in chesterton, that i know i could buy. it is a friend of hers' she is just storing it at our house. and i don't know.... *sigh* it is a lot of money. but i know i would use it. at least more then i have used the loom. which well is um none..... i keep telling myself the loom was free, the loom was free.

wow i am one with the babble tonight. so with that i will sign off. Once again thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. my email was happily filled!

Pictures to come soon. Oh yeah the other good news... JACK WAS CALLED BACK TO WORK THIS MORNING!!!!!

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Robin said...

Glad I'm not the only one to ever have a dead/not dead camera. Mine was user error in the "did not push microdrive all the way into card reader" experience.