07 February 2007

To frog or not to frog that is the question...

Ok my toe up socks have not been the best experience ever... I have tried to do the heel like 4 times now and have ripped it out each time. It is insane, and making my head hurt. So I could give it another shot, or i can rip it out tab that yarn for jaywalkers. And knit up some of my new yarn. I also got a magic yarn ball in the mail today with more sock yarn. Knit picks dancing this time! *sigh* not sure what to do.


Shelley said...

Maybe just set this one aside for a bit and work on something else...then you can go back and try again when you don't feel as frustrated with it.

As for the Secret Pal sign up, you can go to their blog and follow the directions to join (the questionnaire is there too):


HDW said...

WOOHOO for toe up socks!!! I love em' Is this your first pair? It takes a bit of getting used to so if it is I agree with Shelley. frog back to where you know everything is copestetic and then set it aside for a quiet calm time!!!!!! I am so going to sign up for the secret pal never been in on one!!!!!