21 February 2007

WIP Wensday...

Ok so i went to take pictures of my new footies, and i could only find one of them. so I don't know if it was maggie, jack, or cassidy that wandered off with it. as soon as i find it i will post some pictuers.

For now YARN PORN!!!!
my etsy order was in the mail today!!! woo hoo!

( I am such a dork, i forgot to tell you where i got the yummy yarn bits! They came from Kindred Spirits Yarn!!! Check her out. She ships really fast and has great prices!

I am not a big pink girl, but let me tell you this photo does not do it justice!!!! it is completely amazing!

um wow! it is sooo purty!

This one is my favorite.. it is blue and green and green and blue and blue and green again! I can not wait to work these up.

Right now i have a pair of monkey socks on my needles. using my superman colorway from sophies toes. and it is like buttah to work with. YUM!


AmysBabies said...

where did these new yarns come from?

Lone Knitter said...

Purty yarns! I like the pink one the best, but I'm a sucker for pink. Thanks for asking about my dyed sock yarn--I answered your question in my comments section.

AmysBabies said...

to answer your question on my blog from when you answered my question ;)

No socks yet, but those colors were just too cool!

Shelley said...

These yarns are yummy! I am going to have to really think about getting some of them...wonder if she ships to Canada...