18 July 2007

Here fishy fisy fishy....

Ok on ravelry i had become obsessed with this fishy blanket, as a perfect birthday gift for maggie.... in 24 hours i have bounced back and forth between ordering the book, doing a web version of the pattern, or waiting to see if one of my moms friends has the book stashed.

So I ended up at the LYS buying the book. LOL. I know have 1 of the 40 some fish i will need done.

But today i did manage to read a 64 row chart, and figure out how to make a bobble (both firsts for me), all by myself. I didn't even think about callin' any of the ho's (the girls in our snb) for help. All thought when it came time for the bobble i did think wtf.... i am going to get 5 sts into this one?????

there you go one orange fishy.

and a close up of my very first bobble.


erin/pinkerbell said...

My favorite sesame street clip. when bert and ernie go fishin'. i love learning new techniques. It's really hard though when you are uber excited and none of your immediate company "gets" it.

MollyKnits said...

I am OLD SCHOOL Burt and Ernie. I don't really know about "fishy, fishy, fishy"

But I vividly remember the one where Burt and Ernie are eating pizza and grape juice. Erine tries to make every thing fair by eating little bits of Burts pizza and drinking his juice until they both have the same pizza and juice. :P

AmysBabies said...

Glad to see you on Ravelry! That fishy blanket is on my list too :D