28 July 2007

knit tastic!!!!

ok so still chugging at fishies. :) I will not bore you with a picture of each one i get done.

Yesterday Lesa and I went to a new to me LYS, well they moved too. We were their frist customers. yay! But wow their price points are crazy good. Since i am currently living in the world of cash on hand (long story), i did not go as crazy as i wanted too. But i did get 6 skeins of baby alpaca for 36 bucks total!!!! can you squee with me? They are turning into this....

And Irish Hiking scarf for me. I took that pic last night and have added about an inch and a half to it since then. It is soo soft and yummy you just kind of want to curl up and sleep in it.

Since my laptop has been sent to the spa for the week, the moniter on the desktop has become my new model for my inveesible shawl. It is chugging along at a decent place. It has now become my car knitting for when i am riding.

Today we are off to oakbrook to have lunch with Gwen's new bf. Before they get on the plane and head back to GA to finish their training. I wish i wasn't in a world of Cash on hand, i would sooo be hitting the ikea!

have a great safe weekend!

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MollyKnits said...

That will be a lovely scarf when you are done. Glad you enjoyed yourself.