17 July 2007

wooo hoooo

I am a ravelry girl now! woot! *does happy little dance around the desk*. Let me tell you kids this place is kewl. I love the organization it lets me do. Yes I can organize my projects on my own.... but what fun is that? let Ravelry organize my wants and needs for me!

In other news... the wireless on the laptop has decided to die. i thought i had it fixed and well i didn't. so now i am dealing with snarky chat tech support. and wanting to stick my fist through the screen.

I have also frogged the chevron scarf. even though i swatched it... apartly i was really relaxed when i did the swatch... bc well it was all bumpy and yucky when i was doing it. So I need to move up a needle size. We will see when that gets casted back on.

Anyway this was a nice deversion from the snarkiness but now i shall get back to that.

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