15 July 2007

Wooo hoooo etsy update....

Ok so i said i would do an etsy update yesterday... I lied! Mostly due to the impromptu trip to Shedd Aquarium. But i did get up this morning and do my little update. There will be more coming in the future i think i have found my marker and such groove again. So please go visit Walnut Ridge Stuidio, and check it out. If you do decided to order anything drop me a note when you purchase let me know you are a blogger, and you will receive a free prezzie! wooo hooo prezzies!

Now on to the Shedd. Maggie has been talking about fish for um forever now it seems. Fish was her first word to be honenst. And since she has found "finding nemo" it is all we talk about. So yesterday morning Jack figured we might as well go into Chicago and visit the Shedd Aquarium. I don't know how in my 30 years of living in NW Indiana I missed going to the aquarium but i did. I think i was just as amazed as maggie was. It was awesome and a great way to spend the day. Since it was a spur of the moment trip I did not have time to get the camera charged. So we don't have as many pictures as I would have liked.

But i did get a couple of good ones :)

Jack and Maggie outside in the line waiting to get in.

I think this is a poison dart frog, but i don't remember. Maggie just kept saying "pretty" to it.

My new fave picture of maggie :)

And last but not least some Nemo's :) they were a huge hit!!!!

Fun time had by all. we did end up doing a butt load of walking but it was nice. we walked from the Shedd down to Buckingham Fountain and Jack and maggie played in the mist before walking down to the Vanburen train station. Just killing time and walking around in the perfect weather.


erin/pinkerbell said...

Maggie is SUCH a cutie!

MollyKnits said...

That is such a GREAT pic of Maggie!

ms. pixie riot said...

Maggie = cutest EVER!

By the way, Get Real will be shipping this week! Email me at pixie at pixieriot dot net with the email address you'd like me to invoice... or just send the $20 to that address.

Yay sock yarn! I think I like dyeing a little bit too much!

lolipops life said...

Magsters i love her so much shes the biggest doll. Just like her mommy.