07 July 2007

Look my laptop is almost inveesible!

LOOK LOOK my laptop is almost missing!!!! wooo hoooo!

I have also casted on my feather pluckin' sock from my piddle loop sock kit! this yarn is soooo yummy i cant even begine to explain it..... Meg from twisted has a fan for life in me!
this is my first pair of socks on 2 circs. jury is still out.. i think i would like it a lot more if i just got some better circs. :)

and for your dose of maggie we have a pic from last night. We went to the local minor league baseball teams game. Maggie got to give the mascot a little kiss! lots of fun had by all.


MollyKnits said...

Where did your computer go?

You need Addis to do that sock you know.

Maggie is so sweet!

Pearly said...

Interesting to know.