26 July 2007

yes i am alive and wellish

my allergies are kickin' my ass on a daily basis it seems. so i haven't been posting much. mostly i have been sitting on the couch or in my bed reading Harry Potter.... I have jumped on this bandwagon way late. But since saturday i have read books 1, 2 and half way through 3. I will admit i breezed through book 1 bc it was a re-read for me.

In knitting news... the inveesible shawl is still chugging along. even with a small dropped stitch issue. NEVER let your 2 year old help you. ok i didn't let her. but it was a mess still. I have casted on my chevron scarf again. I went to a size 4 needle. And it is still bumpy but at least it doesn't look like a freakin' relief map this time. I think once i hit it with a steam iron i will be ok. I will try and grab some pics of it today.

My parents are still in town so i am splitting the time i have over there. And my sister is currently in town for less then a week. We have also found out that they have added more training on to Gwens MOS. So rather then her be home in January we are looking at April. So we are trying to currently figure out christmas. So I can know if we have to travel to GA or if she is going to come up. I am not sure how much time they get off for the holiday. Last year it was like 2 weeks but she was in a different level of the training.

Everything else i guess is goign great... the bathroom is almost fully remodeled there will be pics soon. My sink is in and the water is run... the drain is not connected yet though. but i have been promised soon. :)

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