11 July 2007

toe up socks?!?!?

Could some of you tell me why you are all casting on toe up socks? I am serious no less then 5 of you, that i read your blogs, have casted on or recently finished toe up socks. Almost makes me want to give it a second try. I still am unsure though since well it was such a giant pain in my ass the first time! And i am not sure if i can figure out the cast on again. oi!

So HP is out in the theaters.... .but i am waiting to go see it with my sister in about a week or so. She is the one who turned me on to HP anyway. And since i can't see it before everyone i will just wait. LOL. My shawl is going well. I will have pictures to post later. just to early in the morning to think about my camera.

My parents are in town for their annual summer visit. So I will be very busy with them in the following weeks. Or should I say I will let them be very busy chasing maggie. give me more time to knit and read.

I also want to wish a happy birthday to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It is 47 years old today! and since i HAD to read it in highschool i have loved it,and dedicated many many hours to re-reading it. Maybe I will pull it out today. My challenge to you is go, find a book that you love and read it again. Then ofcourse tell me all about it... maybe i can read it and love it too!


Anonymous said...

good! Then when your final sp 10 pkg arrives..you'll have plenty to play with!

A hint-- there is a loopy-ewe exclusive in this one.... (it went out yesterday...to your po box;) second day usps... so be watching for it!

Sorry I didn't get it posted earlier.. in the flurry of getting ready for vacation- I left it on the dining room table!

you've been fun to spoil....

your sp 10

jen said...

i can show you the magic cast on thurs nite if we meet for erin! it's super easy and i was doing it wrong the whole time!

erin/pinkerbell said...

I LOVE to kill a mocking bird. I did toe ups because I wanted to use evry bit of the sock yarn I had, considering I was making knee highs. Good thing I did to, My leftover yarn has been cballed up and included in the swap, just in case something needs to be mended down the road, and it's about the size of a marble.

DixieRedHead said...

We saw HP tonite. It was pretty good too! I love to kill a mockingbird. And th movie is really good too. My dd's even liked to watch it.